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Author Interviews: Katherine Bogle and Haven

My name is Katherine Bogle and I am a writer! I’ve done a few things of note in my short twenty-three years of existence, including (but not limited to); write five full books, finish two years of schooling for Photography, and travel over seas to Ireland, Scotland, England and Cuba! My first published work, , […]

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Author Interviews: Devra Robitaille and The Efficiency Claus: An Improbable Christmas Tale

Devra Robitaille, a professional composer, songwriter and keyboardist I was born in London, England (I’ll let you guess how long ago) and I had a successful career as a professional composer, songwriter and keyboardist there, before moving to America in the nineties.   I now live in Florida, on the beautiful Sarasota Bay with my family. […]

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Author Interviews: Megan Rivers and A Fateful Melody

Megan Rivers is a new author, recently self-publishing her first book in her young adult series, Song for You, “.” The second book in this series is due out in the Spring of 2017. She is also working on other novels, including a mystery series, a supernatural adventure, and a collection of short stories. You […]

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Author Interviews: Alexa Kang and Rose of Anzio

My name is Alexa Kang and I have a passion for writing love stories, especially big, sweeping epic tales. My stories don’t fall neatly into the “R”omance genre because they often involve story arcs beyond the romance, but the heart of my stories is always about love. My current and debut series, , is a […]

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Author Interviews: Nick Quantrill and The Dead Can’t Talk

Nick Quantrill writes contemporary crime novels. So far, he’s had four published and they’re all set in his home city of Hull in the North of England. The latest, “”, was published May 2016. He’s also had numerous short stories published, some in the Mammoth Book of Best British Crime series, and has had the pleasure […]

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Author Interviews: Dr. Sharon Mitchell and Autism Goes to School

I’m Sharon Mitchell and have a passion for kids with autism spectrum disorders.   I’m an autism consultant now but spent most of my career years in schools districts working as a teacher, counselor, psychologist and consultant. I’ll explain in a minute how I got into writing. This has evolved over the last few years […]

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Author Interviews: Libbie Hawker and Mercer Girls

I’m Libbie Hawker, an author of historical and literary fiction. Most of my books are self-published, though I do partner with Lake Union Publishing on a few projects. I think my best-known books are still The She-King series, which is set in ancient Egypt. My first novels, and still the ones most of my readers love […]

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Author Interviews: Rachel Amphlett and Scared to Death

My name is Rachel Amphlett, I’m originally from the UK and currently living in Australia I write crime thrillers and espionage thrillers. My latest novel, the first in the Detective Kay Hunter series, is called  and will be published in December. When and why did you start writing? I’d always been keen on writing whilst […]

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Author Interviews: C. J. Archer and The Mapmakers Apprentice

C.J. Archer, for those who don’t know you, introduce yourself, your writing and books Thanks for having me on your blog. I’m an Australian author of historical fantasy novels set in late Victorian England. I love to write stories with magical twists, mysterious heroes, and clever heroines. You can connect with me Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest […]

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Author Interviews: Jason Pellegrini and Booth

Jason Pellegrini, who received overwhelmingly positive feedback amongst readers on Amazon and Goodreads with his debut novel, The Replacement, releases his second novel this November. , Pellegrini’s latest release is an intense story of a man’s journey to the past to earn redemption for his damned soul. When and why did you start writing? I’ve […]

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Author Interviews: Roy Madison Griffis and his By The Hands of Men

Roy Griffis Author Interviews

Roy Madison Griffis. Roy for my mom’s father. Madison from my dad’s father.  He’s written plays, poetry, short stories, and screenplays. He was born in deep south, and his birth name was Marion Madison Griffis, but my own father had an inkling such a name might cause me trouble in the growing-up-and-surviving department, so he opted for […]

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Author Interviews: Lonnie Ostrow and Poet Of The Wrong Generation

Lonnie Ostrow, for those who don’t know you, introduce yourself, your writing and books For more than two decades I have been an innovator, storyteller, promoter and celebrity-insider. With my debut novel, Poet Of The Wrong Generation, I’ve combined all my unique experiences to bring readers astory of love & betrayal, music & fanfare, downfall […]

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Author Interviews: Ksenia Anske and Irkadura

Ksenia Anske, for those who don’t know you, introduce yourself, your writing and books. I’m pathologically immature. I’m 5. I’m playing around. People call it writing and call me a writer, but I’m just being a kid again, playing a hero and slaying dragons. It’s glorious. You can connect with me through my website, Facebook, […]

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Author Interviews: Nath Jones and Radar Road The Best of On Impulse

Nath Jones Author Interview

My name is Nath Jones, short for Nathalie, which is Americanized French. The name was my mother’s cousin’s. I am a woman, which is sometimes unclear in print. I live with two birds and some lemon trees in a studio apartment. I’ve written five collections of short stories. The books are a series that explores […]

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Author Interviews: K.K. Watson and Tempting Fate

K.K. Watson Author Interviews

I’m K. K. Watson.  I am an independent author who three and a half years ago began writing my first book, . Tempting Fate is a Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance novel which is the first in the series The Dark Races.  It was released in May of 2015.  The second book in the series, Chasing Fate, was released […]

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Author Interviews: Nicholas Bridgman and A Character in Reality

Nicholas Bridgman, I am an author, musician, and environmental scientist.   I have a B.A. in Rhetoric from U.C. Berkeley, and I have written over 50 short stories and a novel.You can connect with me through my website and my Facebook author page. What inspires your writing? Almost anything can inspire my writing.  Often my ideas […]

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Author Interviews: O’Neil De Noux and Hold Me, Babe

O’Neil De Noux,  I write in multiple genres with 33 books published and 350 short story sales.  My mysteries have won the SHAMUS and DERRINGER Awards and my novel JOHN RAVEN BEAU was the 2011 Police Book of the Year ( My mysteries include the Dino LaStanza Series, John Raven Beau Series, Lucien Caye Series […]

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Author Interviews: Terrance Coffey and Valley of The Kings: The 18th Dynasty

My name is Terrance Coffey and I’m an author, screenwriter, and music composer-producer with a predilection for Egyptian history. I have written numerous short stories, screenplays, television pilots, and even Coca-Cola music jingles. I’m originally from Chicago, Illinois but now live in an ambitious little town near Atlanta, Georgia. When and why did you start […]

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Author Interviews: Alexander Grant and his Epic Fantasy Tales of the King’s Lion

I am Alexander Grant author of the Epic Fantasy ‘Tales of the King’s Lion’. The King’s Lion is an inventive, adventurous General who had the ingenious idea to harness the various kinds of magic in his world. I have recently published two books, The Forbidden City and The Lion Prophecy When and why did you […]

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Author Interviews: Jordan Phillips and Inspired by Paris

Jordan Phillips Author Interviews

I Jordan Phillips, the author of . I spend most of my time in New York City with my husband and daughter but I enjoy escaping to my apartment in Paris as often as possible.You can connect with me through my website , Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat: inspiredbyparis. When and why did you start writing? […]

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Author Interviews: Nathan Goodman and Protocol 15 A Novel of Espionage and Counter-terrorism

Nathan A Goodman Author Interviews

Nathan Goodman is a husband and father of two daughters, and the bestselling author of The Special Agent Jana Baker Spy-Thriller Series which opens with available on Amazon. He lives in the United States. When and why did you start writing? I started in 2013 because so many people told me I should. I don’t […]

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Author Interviews: Brittany Weekley and The Secret Life of Thomas Commons

Brittany Weekley Author Interviews

My name is Brittany Weekley. I am 29 years old. I have written several short stories, novellas, poems, and novels. I just had my first novel published, . When and why did you start writing? I have been writing since I was 11 years old. I started keeping a journal, and then I wrote my […]

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Author Interviews: Jessica Adams and The Underground Toy Society Helps Beary Bear

Author Interviews Jessica Adams

My name is Jessica Adams.  I have been married to my husband, Greg, for 12 years, and we have two beautiful daughters, Janiece and Janelle.   I am an Occupational Therapist, but currently not able to work due to a bicycle accident where I broke my tibia plateau with surgery needed.  I wrote a book […]

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Author Interviews: Hayley Camille and Human

Hayley Camille Author Interviews

Hi! I’m Hayley Camille and I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a chameleon as an author. I’ve written a number of books, both non-fiction and fiction but my heart lies in Science Fiction and Fantasy. I have published a series of non-fiction gaming books for a children’s’ audience, called ‘The Ultimate Players Guide to Skylanders’ […]

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Author Interviews: Julie Arduini and Entangled: Surrendering the Past (Surrendering Time) (Volume 2)

Julie Arduini Author Interviews

Julie Arduini, author of the contemporary romance Surrendering Time Series, and a speaker My passion is to encourage readers and audiences to find freedom through surrender, so my writing and speaking tackle surrender issues and chocolate. I’m not quite ready to surrender the chocolate, so I enjoy including that in what I do. I am a […]

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Author Interviews: Patty Dickson Pieczka and Finding The Raven

Patty Dickson Pieczka Author Interviews

I’m Patty Dickson Pieczka, author of , a historical novel of mystery, intrigue, romance, betrayal and redemption with a touch of magic. It’s my fourth book and first novel. My other three books were collections of poetry, so one of the unique features of this novel is the use of poetic images woven through threads […]

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Author Interviews: Sasha Clinton on Contemporary Romance Writing and In my Arms Tonight

Author Interviews Sasha Clinton

I’m Sasha Clinton, a contemporary romance writer. My books always feature real characters who grow and change through the power of love, while also having a lot of fun on the way. So far, I have two books available and and a third is on the way (Love Me Like You Do.) You can connect with […]

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Author Interviews: Arthur McMahon and his Science Fiction Novella Silhouette

Arthur McMahon Author Interviews

Arthur McMahon,  an independent author of science fiction and a journalist. After graduating from the University of Oregon I set off to start my writing career and now have self-published two sci-fi books and a non-fiction trail journal. You can connect with my on my website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When and why did […]

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Author Interviews: Kathryn Guylay and Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow

Author Interviews Kemp Guylay

Kathryn Guylay, introduce yourself, your writing and your books to our readers I consider myself an “agent of change” hoping to make our world a healthier place.  From kindergarten classrooms to corporate boardrooms, I have worked with tens of thousands of individuals to improve their health and happiness. I try to make wellness education FUN, […]

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