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Book Excerpt: Poet of the Wrong Generation by Lonnie Ostrow

Johnny Elias stared at the photograph with bittersweet regret. Four suntanned faces smiled back at him; a precious memory from the best day he could ever remember. The blazing sunshine. One enormous stage. Soaring music. Scores of people dressed in summer clothes lined up for miles on the Great Lawn. A perfect day when all […]

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Book Excerpt: A Character in Reality by Nicholas Bridgman

“So this time try doing Tree,” the narrator said, Robert having rejoined him the next evening in reality in his attic.  “Start in Mountain pose, then bend your right knee, bringing your foot to your inner thigh.” “What does this pose do?” “It improves concentration and balance.  Now let’s wrap up with Corpse pose.” “What’s […]

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Book Excerpt: The Lion Prophecy by Alexander Grant

When the two men clashed, the shouts from the crowd covered the clang of the blades. Leandros was surprised to discover that the Shark didn’t aim to strike him but instead attacked his sword. He attempted to hook Leandros’ sword with his blade’s teeth, trying to draw his opponent near him and smother him with […]

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Book Excerpt: The Secret Life of Thomas Commons by Brittany Weekley

I move my attention to the streets. I listen to carriage’s ride by, men arguing, and the sound of rain approaching. The sound of rain pounding onto the trees in the distance often reminds me of my childhood. I recall standing outside of my home as a young boy watching the clouds turn dark and […]

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Book Excerpt: Human by Hayley Camille

Ivy’s footsteps rang out from the cloistered stone, echoing off the great sandstone walls that surrounded the courtyard. Large archways threw light across her face and she closed her eyes for a moment, savouring the fresh air. She glanced at her companion habitually as occasional suits hurried past, shooting furtive glances their way. Ivy straightened […]

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Book Excerpt: What About Her by TNae Wilcox

TNae Wilcox The Missing Loved Ones: A Short Story Collection

There  was  talk  of  home  invasions  again. Another  family  was  taken  from  Akron,  Ohio. I  stood  and  tried  to  listen  to  the  report  as best  as  I  could  with  all  the  noise:  little  Suzy yelling  at  the  dog,  the  loud  squeak  of  Mama’s rocking  chair,  and  Rhonda’s  ridiculous phone  chatter. The  family  that  was  abducted […]

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Book Excerpt: The Mist Stage Two – The Culmination by Nagwa Malik

The Mist Stage Two: The Culmination by Nagwa Malik Book Excerpt

‘If it wasn’t for the army interfering and keeping tabs, this country would have been bought and sold a hundred times over by especially this family. They seem to think they own the whole damn place because the US is paying them to expand their business.’ ‘Actually it is everyone- not just the US. China, […]

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Book Excerpt: Finding the Raven by Patty Dickson Pieczka

Patty Dickson Pieczka Finding The Raven

Julia dreamed of sewing. Stitches formed footprints, a road, she followed them to the river, miles of rippling blue silk like the coolest, clearest water. She dove in but found it was a river of smoke. Pulled by the rushing current, she breathed a lungful of soot, her mouth full of ash. She swam to […]

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Book Excerpt: Micah: The Sword of Malachi by Lee DuCote

Lee DuCote The Sword of Malachi

Chapter 1 Deep within a hellish cavern, six towering beings merged from the depths of its heated core and gathered at the opening. They were beautiful creatures with physically striking features and the physiques of warriors, clothed to resemble the upper crust of the society they would soon infiltrate. Their eyes glowed with a fierce […]

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Book Excerpt: The Migrant Report By Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar

Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar The Migrant Report

Chapter Three Manu knelt, bowing his head to his mother’s feet for what might be the last time, the bluish-green veins on the back of her hand trembling under his lips as if the pulse of life inside her were buoyed by his. If this were a Bollywood movie, he forced himself to think of […]

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Book Excerpt: The Little French Guesthouse by Helen Pollard

Helen Pollard The Little French Guesthouse

I wish I could tell you it happened like it does in the movies. You know the kind of thing. The heroine standing proud, oozing restrained fury. The audience’s satisfaction as she delivers a reverberating slap across her lover’s face. Her dramatic but dignified exit from the screen. Believe me, there was nothing dignified about […]

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