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Book Review: What Lies Beneath the Mask by Laura Greenwood

Prepare to feel love, loss, terror, and ultimately be swept off your feet in this hauntingly romantic novel! , by Laura Greenwood, is a truly captivating story.  There is a profound sense of realism webbed throughout the plot and within the trauma the main protagonist Annabelle endures. The parallel between Annabelle’s love interests and her […]

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Up-and-Coming Novels Starring Female Protagonists

This list has set out to bring you five of the most anticipated books of 2017 starring female protagonists. These five stand-alone books are in a variety of genres, from fantasy to psychological thriller. Each is about the exciting adventures of our leading ladies. Each of these books was written by female authors that are […]

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5 Book Recommendations from Author Devra Robitaille

Let me introduce myself, my name is Devra Robitaille and I write books for children and young adults. Now, when ‘This is Writing’ asked me to do an article recommending five of my favorite books I nearly blew a gasket trying to figure out which books to spotlight! You see, I am such an avid […]

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Book Review: My River Sanctuary by Robin Bower

Robin Bower’s  is a story about family and intermingling cultures set in the lush backdrop of Perth, Australia. The book touches on many themes that I love reading about such as cultural identity, racism, refugees, mental illness, family dynamics, and war. Unfortunately, the story suffers from trying to juggle so many themes at once. Sometimes […]

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Book Review of Warrior: A Seventeen Series Thriller, by A.D. Starrling

Reviewed by Jenny Heslop When a team of scientists find an ancient tomb in Northern Africa Dimitri Resnick knows it’s the one he has been searching for all his life – which for an immortal is a very long time. But at the tomb’s opening Resnick’s team discover it has already been looted, and recently. […]

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Book Review of The Missed Loved Ones by TNae Wilcox

TNae Wilcox The Missing Loved Ones: A Short Story Collection

For the most part,  is a collection of short stories about everyday people, who live everyday lives. For instance, in The Gift readers meet George and Lenore, a couple struggling with financial problems and Lenore’s scarring accident a few months prior. Eviction notices, inability to secure a loan, biweekly unemployment checks, bouts with self-doubt and […]

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5 Book Recommendations From Writer Vincent Francone

Writer Vincent Francone, author of the memoir  shares 5 of his favourite books. 1. by Ciaran Carson On average, I mention this book three times a week to anyone willing to listen.  It’s the book that got me to remember that I love poetry, and that poems are infinitely more malleable than we often realize. […]

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Book Review of The Disembodied by Anthony Hains

“The Gray Man has a long history. No one knows when he started appearing or even who he is–or was. There are speculations, mind you, but like every other speculation, there’s nothing beyond legend and old sea–captain yarns. He is a ghost–that much is known-and unlike some ghosts, if you see him, you know that […]

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5 Books for the Lit Nerd Who’s Read It All

This post originally appeared on Early Bird Books and appears here with their permission. Sign up for Early Bird Books to receive the best deals on free and bargain ebooks delivered right to your inbox. Impress the person on your list who’s read everything with these overlooked and unexpected reads. You finished your holiday shopping and pretty […]

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8 Thrilling Historical Novels from Leon Uris

This post originally appeared on Early Bird Books and appears here with their permission. Sign up for Early Bird Books to receive the best deals on free and bargain ebooks delivered right to your inbox. Binge read these gripping historical fiction novels from the author of Exodus In 1958, the novel Exodus by Leon Uris (pronounced […]

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28 Websites to Help You Find Your Next Great Read

What to Need Read Sites that Can Help You

Finding a good book these days can seem a little like you’re the Monty Python team searching for the Holy Grail, especially if you’re looking  for something exciting and new. via GIPHY The beast that is Amazon has an ever-expanding bookshelf of new titles coming out every day. So we’ve put a handy list of 28 of […]

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Like Notting Hell | Book Review: The Square by Rosie Millard

Rosie Millard The Square Kindle

Guest post by Michele Woodger Rosie Millard’s The Square is yet another lightweight novel set in a posh London neighbourhood. Books in this genre – like Notting Hell, Mutton and The Hive – are often highly commercialised, aimed at women and usually written by journalists looking to branch out from their quasi-satirical weekend newspaper columns. […]

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