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Book Excerpt of Plexi: Adversity by Kwame Opeyo

One Battle Lines Olena Darsus screamed like an animal being flayed alive. Beside her in bed, her husband Prenius was being torn apart by a sharp-clawed golem as if he were a child’s play thing. Blood splattered the sheets and the side of her face as Prenius’ flesh was torn from its bone and scattered […]

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Author Interview with Epic Fantasy Writer Kim Alexander

Hi! I’m Kim Alexander, I live in Washington DC, and I write epic fantasy. My series is called  and books one and two:  and , are both available. Connect with me via my website Kim Alexander Online, Facebook, Twitter and my Kim’s Amazon page. When and why did you start writing? I’ve been writing my whole life! I remember writing […]

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Author Interviews: M. J. Finley and Tales of Valoris The Rune Seekers

My name is Michael John Finley and I was born in British Guyana. I currently live in Brazil working as a teacher of English and a translator. I divide my time between classes, translations projects, and my passion, writing. I’m what you may call a late bloomer, as I only started writing a few years […]

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Book Excerpt: A Character in Reality by Nicholas Bridgman

“So this time try doing Tree,” the narrator said, Robert having rejoined him the next evening in reality in his attic.  “Start in Mountain pose, then bend your right knee, bringing your foot to your inner thigh.” “What does this pose do?” “It improves concentration and balance.  Now let’s wrap up with Corpse pose.” “What’s […]

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Author Interviews: K.K. Watson and Tempting Fate

K.K. Watson Author Interviews

I’m K. K. Watson.  I am an independent author who three and a half years ago began writing my first book, . Tempting Fate is a Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance novel which is the first in the series The Dark Races.  It was released in May of 2015.  The second book in the series, Chasing Fate, was released […]

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Author Interviews: Nicholas Bridgman and A Character in Reality

Nicholas Bridgman, I am an author, musician, and environmental scientist.   I have a B.A. in Rhetoric from U.C. Berkeley, and I have written over 50 short stories and a novel.You can connect with me through my website and my Facebook author page. What inspires your writing? Almost anything can inspire my writing.  Often my ideas […]

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Book Excerpt: The Lion Prophecy by Alexander Grant

When the two men clashed, the shouts from the crowd covered the clang of the blades. Leandros was surprised to discover that the Shark didn’t aim to strike him but instead attacked his sword. He attempted to hook Leandros’ sword with his blade’s teeth, trying to draw his opponent near him and smother him with […]

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Author Interviews: Alexander Grant and his Epic Fantasy Tales of the King’s Lion

I am Alexander Grant author of the Epic Fantasy ‘Tales of the King’s Lion’. The King’s Lion is an inventive, adventurous General who had the ingenious idea to harness the various kinds of magic in his world. I have recently published two books, The Forbidden City and The Lion Prophecy When and why did you […]

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Author Interviews: Candy Atkins and The Lost Knight

Author Interviews Candy Atkins

My name is Candy Atkins. I’m the author of The Lost Knight, a YA fantasy fiction novel about a 13-year-old girl who is asked to save the world but is completely unqualified. Connect with me on my website, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Youtube. Have you always wanted to be a writer? No. I was an operations […]

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Video Author Interviews: Suzanna J. Linton and Clara’s Return (Stories of Lorst Book 2)

Suzanna J. Linton and Clara's Return Stories of Lorst Book 2 Author Interviews

Author interview with Fantasy Author, Suzanna J. Linton, where we talk about her writing process, books, why she writes and some handy tips to aspiring authors. Suzanna grew up in rural South Carolina (really rural) and survived on her mother’s library, local ghost stories, and the tall tales her father spun for his children’s amusement. […]

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Author Interviews: Pam Brondos and her latest book Gateway to Fourline

Author Interviews Pam Brondos

Pam Bronos– I am the author of three young adult fantasy novels, ,  and , which comprise The Fourline Trilogy. Gateway to Fourline is my debut novel. I grew up in Wyoming in a family of writers who wrote everything from technical articles to romance novels.  I was fortunate to study, travel and work in different places […]

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