3 Ways To Connect With Your Readers

Every writer knows it’s not enough to write and release a book with the expectation it will automatically sell.

The modern publishing climate means that readers have more choice than ever before.

One of the most effective ways to see your book succeed is to form a connection with readers. This is a long-term approach to book marketing aimed at turning readers into fans.

There is nothing better for a writer than knowing that their next work is being eagerly anticipated. Fans help with every piece of the book release puzzle, from reviewing a book close to its launch, to creating buzz through word of mouth promotion.

So how exactly do readers become fans?

Aside from releasing quality writing that satisfies what readers are looking for, the following three methods help readers become fans.


Author blogs are a great platform for writers to connect with readers.

Blogs offer an insight into the life and work of a writer that is hard to find elsewhere. Writers can express their ideas on the craft of writing directly to their audience, promote their upcoming or older work, network with fellow writers and engage in dialogue through blog comments.

When an author has a popular blog, they have a method of attracting readers to their work who might not have otherwise discovered it. By publishing valuable, interesting and entertaining blog content, writers get their name in front of people who may not have found them through their books alone. When it’s time to release their next book, it’s likely that their blog audience will check it out as the writer is a name they know, trust and have experience with.

The key to blogging successfully as an author is to always offer valuable content. Entertaining readers consistently, or solving their problems, is a fast track route to creating long-term fans.

Social Media

Social media is loved and loathed by authors in equal measure.

On the one hand, social media offers the opportunity for writers to reach out to readers, promote their books and connect with other relevant writers. On the other, the sheer number of platforms available can feel overwhelming. It can be hard for authors to figure out an effective way to make social media work well for their own aims and objectives.

Because social media has the potential to drain time and energy from other, more important tasks, it’s wise to have a controlled and careful approach to using it. Authors should carefully select which platforms they will invest their time in. These should be chosen because they are popular with the readers the writer wants to reach.

After choosing which social media platforms to share content to, writers should plan out exactly how they will make use of them. It’s smart to have a formal method in place, such as sharing one blog post per week, for example. This allows for social media posts to be scheduled in advance, allowing the writer to focus their time elsewhere.

Author Central Page

Self-published writers are well aware that Kindle is the most popular marketplace. However, many overlook the capabilities that Amazon offers authors. Aside from being one of the best places to sell books, Amazon is one of the best places for authors to connect with fans.

An advantage to reaching out to fans through Amazon is that writers reach book buyers directly. People use social media and blogs to kill time and entertain themselves. Amazon, on the other hand, is a place for commerce. People visit Amazon in the mood to spend money. This means that effective author promotion on Amazon is more likely to lead to increased sales than through other platforms.

Author Central is Amazon’s home for authors. It allows writers to promote themselves, their work and their other online content, directly to book buyers on Amazon. A major benefit to using Author Central is it works in harmony with other efforts to connect with readers. Blog and social media content can be shared directly on Amazon, without readers ever having to leave the platform.

Examples of effective Author Central pages show the immense potential offered by the platform. Any writer publishing on Amazon but not taking advantage of Author Central is missing out on a big opportunity.

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

Connecting with readers and building a legion of fans is not a quick process.

Many authors are looking for a quick fix, magic bullet approach that will win millions of admirers in the blink of an eye. When results aren’t as rapid or significant as hoped for, many give up entirely and set off in search of the next magic method.

A better approach is to take a patient, long-term view of connecting with readers. Writing careers are built over years and decades. Taking the time to form quality connections with people and offer them valuable content is an investment that will pay off handsomely in the long run.

This is a guest post by Dave Chesson, who helps teach authors advanced book marketing tactics at Kindlepreneur.com. He’s also the creator of KDP Rocket, software that helps authors discover profitable book ideas that Amazon shoppers will love.



About the Author

Dave Chesson helps teach authors advanced book marketing tactics at Kindlepreneur.com. He’s also the creator of KDP Rocket, software that helps authors discover profitable book ideas that Amazon shoppers will love.