5 Action Book Recommendations

This book recommendation list showcases books that are filled with action. Many are about characters facing antagonists who are psychopaths and murders. They face great dangers as they fight to save themselves and others. Each of these books finds its characters locked in a fight against time to face their enemies before it is too late. These books are by renowned authors, published between 1939 to a yet to be released book coming out in April of this year. Within this list are dark and heart racing novels that make them hard to put down.Lie to Me

1. Lie to Me

by Jess Ryder

A dark mystery by Jess Ryder. The book is expected to be published in April of 2017. The story follows Meredith, a women dealing with being abandoned at the age of four by her mother. When she sees a videotape of herself with her mother she begins to question her own memories. While trying to find the truth, Meredith learns of the murder of Cara, which took place over 30 years before. The problem is, Meredith is not the only one seeing the answers. Now she must dig through murder, disappearance and her own memories before others can bury the secrets further or come after her.

2. The Abducted: A Race Against Time

by Roger Hayden

In The Abducted: Race Against Time, published in 2016, author Roger Hayden, gives us a thrilling, terrifying and exciting story of a mother who must rescue her daughter. Sargent Miriam Castillo is divested when the child predator known as the Snatcher, takes her daughter. With her daughter’s life on the line, Miriam must fight to solve the mystery and take down the Snatcher before it is too late.

3. 13 Stolen Girls

by Gil Reavill


13 Stolen Girl, published in June of 2015, is the shocking tale murder and secrets. After a devastating earthquake in Malibu, a body is uncovered. Detective Investigator Layla Remington finds herself with the body of a starlet who went missing a decade before. Layla risks everything to find the person responsible. But she finds herself racing to solve the seemingly impossible case when the killer may have found his next victim in Layla.

4. The Cost of Crude

by Inge-Lise Goss.

Gwynn Reznick finds her life is turned upside down when her best friend is killed in a car crash. When a private investigator shows up to talk to her, she realises she was correct in thinking that the car crash was no accident. They soon realise that the oil company where Gwynn and her friend worked has had a suspicious trail of employee deaths. Now the two of them must unravel the plot that may have more lives at stack than they thought. With limited time, the pair must withstand danger and solve the crime before time runs out.

5. And Then There Were None

by Agatha Christie

Published in 1939 by the renowned author Agatha Christie. In this dark mystery, ten strangers are summoned to an island for a weekend. Their host, an eccentric millionaire, refuses to reveal himself. Each guest is bidding their own dark secrets and for this, each has been marked for death. One by one the guests are killed, if something is not done by the end of the weekend none will be left. With short time and unable to trust anyone, the strangers must solve the mystery of who the murder is or die.


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