Top Comic Thriller Book Recommendations

For those who love thriller, who enjoy the mystery and sling crawling thrill but also enjoy comedy this list is full of great books for you. All five of these books are top selling books written throughout the last 20 years. They are full of exciting mysteries and murder as well as each finding a way to be filled with hilarity. From assassin housewives to wise guy hustlers.

Florida Straits

by Laurence Shames

Joey Goldman is a wisecracking guy who, along with his girlfriend Sandra, is ready to take off for Key West to enjoy the sun. In the land where a small time hustler can thrive, Joey finds his plans ruined when his half-brother Gino shows up, running from the mob after a failed jewel heist and needs someone else to take the fall. Joey finds himself on the run. He finally finds himself in the middle of the action, where he always wanted to be. If he can live long enough, he might just make the score of a lifetime. Laurence Shames published his novel in 1992.

Dying to Get Published

By Judy Fitzwater

Dying to get published in the story of Jennifer Marsh, an aspiring writer. She has a stack of manuscripts and a stack of rejection letters for each of them. Feeling dejected she decides she must find a way to become famous so that people will want to publish her books. Her first thought, why not murder. She conceives a plan to make sure it’s someone who deserves it but her plan goes awry. This clever and funny book by Judy Fitzwater was published in 1995.

Take the Monkey and Run


By Karen Cantwell

This 198-page novel is the story of Barbara Marr, a typical suburban mom living in Virginia. But her typical, ordinary life is turned upside-down when she sees a monkey in her yard and a strange accordance with her neighbors. Barbara finds herself in a situation like the movies she loves, sleuthing around discovering secrets people are willing to kill for. Karen Cantwell published this book in 2010. Cantwell has written a charmingly incompetent sleuth willing to work her hardest to solve the mystery.

The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook

By Josie Brown

Donna Stone is who people call a desperate housewife but she also has another alias, she works for the government. She is out for revenge for the death of her husband by becoming an assassin. But naturally, things do not always go exactly to plan. This book was published in 2011 by author Josie Brown. This comedic novel perfectly blends perfect mother and deadly assassin.

Louisiana Longshot

By Jana Delton

CIA assassin Fortune Redding is forced to go into hiding as former beauty queen turned librarian in Louisiana. With a leak at the CIA, she has no choice but to try and keep her head low. This, of course, is difficult as she is so far out of her element in this little town. Things only get more complicated when she discovers human remains hurried in her back yard. Can she solve the mystery without blowing her cover? This hilarious novel by Jana Delton was published in 2012.

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