5 Disaster Book Recommendations

These disaster stories are filled with survival, horrific destruction and coming together in the worst of times. These stories are both fiction and non-fiction covering disasters like hurricanes, volcanoes, and changes in the rules of the earth itself. They were written and published sweeten 1999 and 2012. All of these books were written by magnificent authors, creating an array of interesting, emotional and often terrifying stories.

Isaac’s Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History

by Eric Larson

Author Eric Larson wrote this book using the telegrams, letters, and reports of Meteorologist Isaac Cline and other survivor accounts to tell the story of the hurricane that swept across Galveston Texas on September 8th of 1900. Larson shows miscalculation of the pure magnitude of the storm and the horrific tragedy that was left its wake. Showing the clash of human arrogance and the great force of nature. This engaging story was published in 1999.

The Children’s Blizzard

By David Larkin

In 1888 a horrific blizzard hit the prairie turning the land that was a promise of freedom and hope into a hard and unforgiving environment. It shows the quick lesson that is Mother Nature has the control and can is completely uncontrollable. This story of death and hardship was written by author David Larkin and was published in 2005.



by Mike Mullin

Alex is given any teenagers dream when he is left home alone for the weekend. He is all ready to spend it playing video games with his friends without having to deal with any hassle from his mother. But a super volcano under Yellowstone erupts sending plumes of ash, darkness, chaos and violence through Alex’s hometown. Now Alex must journey through the destruction in hopes of finding his family. With a new friend, he must brave the chaos that earth has bestowed upon them. Written by Mike Mullin and published in 2011, this book is a survival story, full of destruction, and bravery.

Monument 14

by Emmy Laybourne

When a hail storm hits the town where Dean lives while he is riding the bus to school, the storm causes the bus to crash into a superstore. With the crazy Strom outside, the students on the bus must fend for themselves inside. They soon realize a series of environmental and chemical disasters are ravaging across the outside world. They must struggle to survive and also face a great decision; what hold greater danger, going out into the storms to search for their families, or staying inside? This book was written by author Emmy Laybourne and it was published in 2012.

The Age of Miracle

by Karen Thompson Walker

While living in a Californian suburb, 11-year-old Julia is dealing with two great changes in her life. One, her family, her parent’s marriage is getting rockier, her grandfather is becoming  over more the conspiracy theorists and she is dealing with trying to come of age on top of it all. The other great change, Julia, her family and the rest of the world, woke up one morning to discover that the rotation of the earth has slowed, and is continue g t slow. This causes all minds of problems with eh environment, and gravity. Author Karen Thompson Walker has done a superb job of creating a story of coming of age in the most out of the ordinary circumstances. This book was published in 2012.


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