A Chat with Action Thriller Writer Kerry J Donovan About his Book Ryan Kaine: On the Run

Who is Kerry J Donovan? A former furniture designer/manufacturer, former respiratory physiologist, I moved to Brittany in 2007 to become a full-time author.

Ever since reading my first Sherlock Holmes short story as a teenager, I’ve loved crime fiction. I finished writing my first book in 1985, in longhand, typed by my wife. Talk about a labour of love!

I write crime thrillers, police procedurals (The DCI Jones Casebooks), and have just published the first in a proposed series featuring the latest fictional action hero, Ryan Kaine (think Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher, but with a British accent).

You can find me at my website kerryjdonovan.com, on Twitter and Facebook.

Kerry is delighted to announce that Amazon has made Ryan Kaine: On the Run its Kindle Book of theMonth in Australia.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

In short, yes. I love creating fictional worlds and populating them with my imaginary friends—and enemies.

Tell us about your book, and the story behind writing it

In Ryan Kaine: On the Run, I wanted to recreate on paper the driving action films Hollywood releases as summer blockbusters.

Ryan Kaine tells the story of a military man fighting to survive when his world collapses around his ears. He is accused of committing a heinous act of barbarism. The police want him on terrorism charges. A shadowy organisation wants him dead, and his friends turn against him. Injured in a cowardly attack, he has no-one to turn to for help but the woman he forces to treat his wounds.

What’s the biggest challenge about being a writer?

That’s simple! The biggest challenge about being a writer is: writing, rewriting, editing and proofing the manuscript, designing the cover, creating the blurb, and convincing people to buy the book. After that, everything else is simple!

Do you have a specific writing space?

Yes. My attic room, which is my personal space. When I’m working, enter at your peril!

What’s your number one piece of writing advice?

Write. Don’t prevaricate, just put words on a page, or monitor, and keep doing it!

What books do you currently have on your bedside table?

No books, I use an e-reader because I can adjust the font size to help my poor tired old eyes.

Who have been your biggest writing influences and why?

The aforementioned Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I also admire Charles Dickens. Their writing stands the test of time. I mean, who doesn’t like Sherlock?

How do you market your writing?

With extreme difficulty. I use the usual social media outlets, Facebook and Twitter, and have recently been accepted for a much coveted (and expensive) BookBub promotion. I’m so excited by that. I also send my latest works to a few highly rated book review clubs, most notably, Rosie Amber’s Review Team.  

Lastly, something fun. What’s something our readers might not know about you?

In 1973, I was expelled from grammar school for [file redacted], and in 1989, I set up the Northants Triathlon Association. That’s it, there is no more.

 Ryan Kaine: On the Run 

By Kerry J Donovan

A passenger plane explodes. Eighty-three people die. One man is responsible.

When an apparently routine operation ends in tragedy, decorated ex-Royal Marine, Ryan Kaine, becomes the target of a nationwide manhunt. The police want him on terrorism charges, and a sinister organisation wants him dead.

Desperate to prove his innocence, Kaine is forced to rely on two women he hardly knows: one, a country vet who treats his wounds, the other an IT expert with a secret of her own.
Battling overwhelming guilt, life-threatening injuries, and his own moral code, Kaine hunts the people who turned him into a mass-murderer.

Can Kaine’s combat skills, instincts, and new-found allies lead him to the truth and redemption?

From the pen of Kerry J Donovan, Ryan Kaine: On the Run, is a powerful, action-packed novel set against the backdrop of the international arms trade. The first in the new thriller series, Ryan Kaine, is a new addition to the great military action characters in the tradition of Lee Child, Mark Dawson, and Matt Rogers.

About the Author

Scott Mullins is a freelance writer and digital content manager. When he’s not finding ways to distract himself from writing his novel he writes killer copy for companies all over the world. Connect with Scott on Twitter @ScottMullins86 or LinkedIn. He’s always looking to connect with other writers.