So you want to know a little about me... 

My name is Scott Mullins, I'm a writer, editor, aspiring novelist and a bit of a social media nerd. I’m just your average Australian living in London with my beautiful girlfriend. I love food, booze and of course travelling. Why else would I have moved from beaches and sunshine to the cold and rain?

How did I become a Writer?

I got into writing purely by chance and laziness, which is ironic because writing is so time-consuming. I hated English at school and never thought of trying to make a living as a writer. I went to Uni to study History, but in my first year I needed an elective that wasn't to do with my major. Enter, Intro to Creative Writing. It fitted perfectly, a friend and I thought, easy pass and it gave us a four-day weekend, allowing us to partake in the most important part of uni, drinking.

But after that first class I was hooked and Creative Writing became my second Major. Four years later I was moving to the UK to complete my Masters in Creative Writing.

For the past two years I worked as an Editorial Assistant for the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). During my time there I was at the forefront of their digital strategies helping to develop their online presence by creating unique content across multiple-websites and building social media channels to gain extra exposure.

I now work as a Freelancer and offer services in writing, editing and social media management. To view my portfolio click here.

What else do I write?

Generally I write what I love to read. Thriller, mystery, crime. But I will dabble in anything from time to time.

Professionally I work with online content in a wide range of styles, ranging from technical articles, content marketing, and product write-ups to blogs and social media.

If you like anything on here, have any questions or just want to make contact, you can email me at info@thisiswriting.comor visit my Twitter profile @ScottMullins86, LinkedIn and Google+