Author Interviews: Terrance Coffey and Valley of The Kings: The 18th Dynasty

My name is Terrance Coffey and I’m an author, screenwriter, and music composer-producer with a predilection for Egyptian history.

I have written numerous short stories, screenplays, television pilots, and even Coca-Cola music jingles. I’m originally from Chicago, Illinois but now live in an ambitious little town near Atlanta, Georgia.

When and why did you start writing?

I was already writing screenplays sixteen years ago when I asked a friend to read and then give me his comments on a television series pilot script I wrote back in 2003.  He loved it but felt the story deserved to be told in its entirety. He suggested that I write a novel based on the completed series outline. At first, I didn’t take the suggestion seriously because I had never written a book before, but because he was so tenacious in his opinion that it would make a great novel, I decided to give it a try. Once I started writing it in early 2014, I literally couldn’t stop. I worked on it at least 6 days a week, spending 5 to 8 hours on it daily. Now I have 3 books that I’m working on now simultaneously! I guess you could say I’m hooked on the process.

What inspires your writing?

I’ve always had a love of history and historical biography. Real people who have experienced real-life tragedies and triumphs, I find fascinating, relatable and inspiring.

How would you define creativity?

Freedom of expression.

Do you have any writing rituals to get you in the mood for writing?

I like to jog or take a brisk walk before I write. I think it gets the blood rushing to the brain and makes the ideas clearer.

If you could, what would you go back and tell yourself as a writer starting out?

You will obsess over every word in your novel and will not have a life outside of it. So force yourself to make the time to get away and do something else in between.

What do you believe make for great writing?

Truth and a willingness to be vulnerable in your writing.

Which writers have influenced your writing?

Richard Matheson, Rod Serling, George RR Martin and Alice Walker

How do you measure success as a writer?

If I finish writing the book or not.

Have you ever hated something you wrote?

Of course! I hated everything I wrote, that’s why it’s always edited mercilessly until I begin to like it.

What’s your biggest fear as a writer?

Not completing a book. And if I manage to complete it, if everyone hates it.

What traits do you feel make a great writer?

Don’t know, still trying to figure that out.

Describe your latest book to our readers

Valley of the Kings,’ is an historical fiction book series that chronicles the turbulent lives of some of the most known and sometimes lesser known pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Told in story-form, it’s a fictional biography based on historical facts and events. The 18th Dynasty is Book One of the trilogy which recounts the reign of pharaohs: Amenhotep, Akhenaten, Nefertiti and King Tut. The book is a Kindle Scout selection and the winner of the 2016 International Pacific Book Award for Best Historical Fiction. The next installment is The 19th Dynasty, that will focus on the pharaoh Ramesses and the pharaohs that followed his reign.

What would you like readers to take away from your writing?

Foremost, my hope would be that readers find my characters relatable and provocative, characters whose voices deserve a chance to be heard by more than just its author.

Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?

Keep writing. It can only make you better.

Can you give our audience a writing prompt to help get them writing?

If you don’t tell your story, no one else will. Leave your mark.

What’s next for you?

I’m working on Book two of ‘Valley of the Kings,’ called The 19th Dynasty and also a sci-fi thriller called “Something Happened to Maggie.

Valley of the KingsValley of The Kings: The 18th Dynasty

by: Terrance Coffey

The 2016 International Pacific Book Award Winner for BEST HISTORICAL FICTION 

In the year 1355 BCE, the land of Egypt was the superpower of the known world. King Tut’s father, Akenaten, the so-called ‘heretic pharaoh,’ and his wife, Queen Nefertiti, are on the verge of catapulting Egypt into a revolution that will forever divide its people and rip the most powerful empire on the earth from its foundation.
Inspired by the actual Hittite and Amarna letters of 14th century BCE, ‘Valley of the Kings: The 18th Dynasty’ is an epic novel of intrigue, passion, and betrayal, resurrecting the thrilling story of a singular leader whose beliefs were both visionary and disastrous.

About the Author

Scott Mullins is a freelance writer and digital content manager. When he’s not finding ways to distract himself from writing his novel he writes killer copy for companies all over the world. Connect with Scott on Twitter @ScottMullins86 or LinkedIn. He’s always looking to connect with other writers.