Awesome Spicy Romance Novels

These stories are between sexy pairs that cannot fight their passionate attraction. From rivals to lovers and strangers to blooming love, none of our heroes and heroines can fight the feelings before them.

Built By Jay Crownover

The first in the Saints of Denver series by Jay Crownover follows the journey of Sayer Cole and Zeb Fuller. Sayer is an uptight, cold woman who has worked hard to build up her walls. Zeb has a construction company that he worked hard to create after a stint in prison for protecting his family. Sayer is Zeb’s newest client. While working together the attraction between the two grows but Zeb’s past may prove an impenetrable barrier. Even so, Sayer might just have the power to save him. This book was published in 2016.


One Week With Her Rival By Noelle Adams

Vanessa has been trying to keep her life together since her husband died, including running his contracting business. While trying to learn on the job, she is constantly hampered by the charming Joe Coleman, another local contractor trying to buy her out. But their rivalry takes a turn when they are asked to work together on a bread and breakfast renovation. While Vanessa is willing to be professional, she does not trust Joe, especially because he had burned her in the past. Unfortunately, Joe is incredibly irresistible. Written by author Noelle Adams in 2016.

Stranded with a Billionaire By Jessica Clare

Logan Hawking is a part of The Billionaire Boys Club, a secret society of six men who are striving for success no matter the costs. Logan is in desperate need of a vacation since his father’s death and his fiancé’s betrayal. While at a private resort in the Bahamas, which he happens to own, he meets a woman named Bronte Dawson. She is like no one he has met before. The two start a romance but she believes she is simply a waitress dating the manager, with no idea of just how much wealth and power he actually has. Can their romance survive when she finds out? Written by Jessica Clare in 2013, this is the first in the Billionaire Boys Club series.

Feral Sins By Suzanne Wright

Taryn Warner has to options mate with the shifter her fathers has arranged for her, or accept a deal with Trey Coleman to pretend to be his mate until his power is secured. With the complicated politics that come with being a wolf shifter, Taryn decides to take her chances with Trey. The only reason Trey made Taryn the offer is because his uncle is threatening to take control of his pack and he needs an alliance but doesn’t want a life mate. The deal seems to be perfect for them both until feelings inevitably get involved. Written in 2012 by author Suzanne Wright.

Try Me By Olivia Cunning

Try Me is the first book by Olivia Cunning in the One Night with Sole Regret series. This book follows Melanie as she and her groupie friend go backstage to meet the members of a rock band called Sole Regret. Unfortunately for Melanie, she finds herself abandoned there when her friend runs off with the lead singer. Here she meets Gabe, the drummer. She finds herself already making a fool of herself in front of him as he is not just a rock star but the sexiest man she has ever met. Gabe is happy to get to know her better, leaving only one question for the pair. Will this be one night of passion or will love bloom from their attraction.


About the Author

My name is Emerson Rose Craig. I am a creative writing student and aspiring novelist. I love fantasy, historical literature, sci-fi and classic literature but will read whatever I can get my hands on. I also write in all of these genres and more for inspiration does not limit itself and neither will I. If you ask me what my favorite book is I will not answer because picking a favorite book is, to me, like picking a favorite star.