Best Conspiracy Books

For this list, I have pulled together six great conspiracy novels. Written from 1959 to 2011, these books cover conspiracy based on real life events, such as the assassination of JFK to conspiracies based on our governments and secret agencies. These books are written by some of the top authors in this genre, many of them have written many other books around these themes of suspense, thriller, politics and secrets and the conspiracies that drive them.

1. The Manchurian Candidate

by Richard Condon

The Manchurian Candidate is the 1959 novel by Richard Condon. It is the story of a political thriller looking at a communist conspiracy to take over the united states government. When Major Bennett Marco and Sergeant Raymond Shaw are captured along with their infantry platoon during the Korean War in 1952, they find themselves brainwashed and returned home with an entirely different memory of what took place. Shaw is given a medal of honor and life goes on. But Marco begins to have nightmares that conflict with his memory. He sets out to uncover the dark secrets of what really happen and the conspiracy to take control of the government. Richard Condon, in his 26 books, focusses on monetary greed and political corruption to write is exciting thrillers.

2. The Hunt for Red October

by Tom Clancy

The Hunt for Red October was Tom Clancy’s debut novel written in 1984. The book is the thrilling story of a chase to find the top secret Russian missile sub. The Russian government and the American governments both desperately want to find it and begin an incredible chase to see who can get to it first. This military thriller is a gripping tale of clashing governments and secrets. Tom Clancy is a best-selling American novelist with 17 of his books making it to bestseller lists. He is best known for his stories lines set around espionage and military science set during and after the Cold War.

3. The Doomsday Conspiracy

by Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon’s The doomsday Conspiracy is the story of a secret mission to track down the ten witnesses of a weather balloon crash in Switzerland that was carrying sensitive military information sparks a plethora of secrets and mysteries. Commander Robert Bellamy of US Intelligence is in charge of this mission. But the further he delves into it the more he finds that even he is missing pieces of the puzzle and begins to think that he was not told the truth about what the balloon contained. He also begins to feel as though he too is being hunted. Sidney Sheldon is a bestselling novelist as well as a playwriter and screenwriter, best known for writing I Dream of Jeannie.

4. The Bourne Identity

by Robert Ludlum

The question that Robert Ludlum gives his reader in The Bourne Identity books is who is Jason Bourne? This exhilarating adventure follows Jason Bourne, a man with no memory, as he must find out who he is while being chased by a secret government agency. He finds himself equipped with many skills that leave the reader wondering is he an assassin, a terrorist a thief? Bourne himself is plagued by these questions as more and more secrets and mysteries appear. Robert Ludlum has written 27 books during his life, each of them making it the New York Times Bestseller lists.

5. Angels and Demons

by Dan Brown

Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons novel is the first in the Robert Langdon Series. It follows symbologist Robert Langdon as he goes to a Swiss research facility to study a strange symbol. He finds himself thrown into a dark plot involving the Illuminati as they resurge to carry out old vendettas. Langdon must frantically make his way through Italy to try and stop a bomb threat by following a trail of ancient symbols. With millions of lives at stake, Langdon must join forces with Vittoria Vetra, an Italian scientist to comb the underground of the city to unlock the mysterious and strange secrets is holds. Dan Brown is a bestselling author most known for The Da Vinci Code series, to which this book is the first.

6. 11.22.63

by Stephen King

In 11/22/63, Stephen King gives the story of a time traveler named Jack Epping who has set out to try and stop the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. With the help of Al, Jack must learn to understand the rules of the time traveling portal. While dealing with the consequences of changing the past, Jack must leap unprepared to try and save JFK. Once in the past, Jack must track the killer and begins to believe that there may be to the assassination. Jack must try and solve the mystery of what is really going on before he loses his chance at saving the president’s life. Stephen king is the author of 54 books ranging from suspense, thriller, fantasy, and horror.


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