Best Eco-Thriller Book Recommendations

These books tell stories of the environment collapsing, strange turns in the very rules of how the world should work and each with a secret to why it is happening and who is behind it. These authors have created fantastic problems for their heroes to face with the fate of humanity as the stakes. Written between 1983 and 2012 these books are exciting, intriguing, exhilarating and deadly.

The Last Gasp

By Trevor Hoyle

This book by Trevor Hoyle, published in 1983, is the story of our environment being destroyed. Theo Detrick, an oceanographer, warns the world in 1990 that in the next 20 years the air’s oxygen levels will trope to uninhabitable levels. But no on relives him and industrialist Gelstrom is actively working against him while building his empire. With only marine biologist Gavin chase and Detrick’s daughter Cheryl working to save the world things do not look good for the human race. Things are made even worse when the military decides to use environmental warfare.

The Ice Limit

By Douglas Preston

When a meteorite is discovered in the southern tip of Chile, having been there for millions of years and if found to be the largest meteorite ever to be found on earth, naturally everyone wanted to get involved. Billionaire Palmer Lloyd is determined to have it for his museum. He takes a cargo ship with the finest scientist, and engineers. But when they arrive they find that the meteorite has secrets of its own when people approach it, they die. This boom was published by Douglas Preston in 2000.

Forty Signs of Rain

By Kim Stanley Robinson

Charlie Quibble, a politician, and Anna Quibler, an employee at the National Science Foundation, are both working to make the world acknowledge the problem that is global warming. Charlie is playing the political game and struggling to make progress. Anna is working to get a technology recognized that could solve global warming forever. But with new technology like this comes another game, everyone wants control over it. Thus battles begin to save the world against those who just want power. This book is by Kim Stanley Robinson and was published in 2004.

Freezing Point

By Karen Dionne

In this book by Karen Dionne, published in 2008, we follow one man’s dream to provide the whole world with clean drinking water. But to fulfill this they must tape into the polar ice but from this sparks a conflict between science, big business, and environmental extremism. But a new and much more deadly problem arises from within the water itself. Something is hidden deep beneath the surface and it may leave mankind with no survivors.



By James Patterson

What happens when animals turn against us? In this book by James Patterson, published in 2012, we follow Jason Oz, a young biologist who witnesses a coordinated attack in Africa led by lions. With the help of ecologist Chloe Tousigant, Oz must race to warn the leaders of the world of the impending doom before time runs out. The attacks are spreading, becoming more deadly, more cunning and soon there will be nowhere for mankind to hide. Jason must try and solve the secret before the human race is whipped from existence.

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