Best Erotica Books

Controlling one’s feelings is difficult but controlling romantic feelings can often be impossible. Our main characters are all faced with this hardship as they find themselves with growing passion for people they know in their minds they should not get involved with. From light romances to dark thrillers these books all have in common the erotic, steamy romances sought out in this genre. From books written by the best romance authors like Nora Roberts to new novels only published two weeks ago, this list has it all.


By Diana Gabaldon

Claire Randall is living in the year 1945, she was a combat nurse and has finally been reunited with her husband. They go away together on a second honeymoon to celebrate but when Claire goes on a walk among the standing stones she finds herself transported to 1743. Claire finds herself immediately mixed up in warring clans and a person of intrigue to every side. But perhaps the most difficult battle of all comes when she meets James Fraser, a Scottish warrior who falls in love with her. Now she is torn between fidelity and desire as she finds herself in the middle of two men and two vastly different lives. Written in 1991, this is the first book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

 Montana Sky 

By Nora Roberts

For almost any collection of books that even touches on the romance genre, you must have at least one book by Nora Roberts.  She is the New York Times Best-Selling author of more than 200 books. Montana Sky, written in 1996, is about the three daughters of Jack Mercy. When he passes away his three daughters, each with a different mother, come together on his ranch to hear the reading of his will. They are all shocked to learn that they won’t get their inheritance until they live together on the ranch for a year. Tess, a screenwriter from Hollywood, is appalled, Lily, on the run from an abusive Ex, is relieved, and Willa, the only one still living on the ranch, is angry. They will face a great challenge as they learn what it means to be family.

 Behind the Curtain 

By Beth Kery

Laila Barek is a Moroccan American singer at a jazz club, because of her family’s strict values she has chosen to keep her anonymity by singing behind a curtain. This works until Asher Gaites walks into the club. Asher is a journalist who has returned to his hometown between jobs overseas. His friends convinced him to check out an amazing singer and the moment he heard her voice he was transfixed. Asher tracks her down after work and both get the biggest shock of all, Laila was the women who walked away from Asher nine years before. This book was released on May 2nd of 2017 by author Beth Kery.


By N. Isabelle Blanco and Elena M. Ryes

Two people are drugged and placed in a dark room. A voice comes through a set of speakers to tell them they are here to entertain or to die, the choice is up to them. The choice is simple; either they have sex or they die. This book is a twisted psychological novel of two people who must obey or face death. Ivy and Noah are best friends trapped in a sadistic game and they are the playing pieces. This book was written by N. Isabelle Blanco and Elena M. Ryes and it the first book of the Voyeur series, published in May of 2017.

My Best Friend’s Ex

By Meghan Quinn

When Emma Marks gets evicted she is left with one option, move in with Tucker James. This should have been a great idea, Tucker is a close friend so why would becoming roommates be a problem. This answer to this question is simple because his Ex his is her best friend and living with him is making Emma develop feelings she desperately wants to shove down. But Emma’s knowledge that Tucker is off limits and her rapidly growing attraction to him are quickly making her life much harder than she wants it to be while finishing her nursing degree. This book was published on June 1, 2017, by author Meghan Quinn.


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