Best Espionage Book Recommendations

This list is full of exciting, thrilling and secretive books that will have you reading none stop to discover the truth. They feature secret double lives, fake corporations and traitors hidden amongst friends. Within them, our heroes find themselves with no one to trust and little time to solve the mysteries to save themselves and those around them. Written between 1971 and 2012, these book gives variety in the espionage they contain.  The authors have given us intriguing and complex tales that are a must read for those who enjoy a little espionage.

 The Day of the Jackal 

By Frederick Forsyth

A skilled killer unknown to any in the secret service world has been given a new task, kill the world’s most heavily guarded man. Not even his employers know the true name of the Jackal, a man who has the power to change history and no one can stop him. Written by Frederick Forsyth, this exciting tale was published in 1971.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

By John le Carré

George Smiley has been given a task of great importance. A mole has found its way into the highest echelons of British Intelligence, planted decades before by the Moscow Centre. Already the treachery has cost a great deal, blowing vital operations. They know it is one of their own, someone they all trust, but it is up to Smiley to discover who it is and destroy them. This book was published in 1974 and was written by John le Carré.

The Rules of Deception

By Christopher Reich

Dr. Johnathan Ransom and his wife Emma are climbing the Swiss Alps when Emma falls into a crevasse and dies. Johnathon is distraught but only 24 hours after her death, he receives an envelope addressed to Emma. Upon opening it he finds two baggage claim tickets. When he goes to try and solve this mystery he is attacked by the Swiss police. Now he has no choice but to solve the mystery of his wife’s secret life and try not to get killed during the process. This novel was written in 2008 by author Christopher Reich.

 The Tourist 

By Olen Steinhauer

Milo Weaver has left his old life behind. He has left his job working as an agent for the CIA, known as a ‘tourist’, an agent with no home and no identity. Now he works a desk at the agency’s New York office. But when a long-sought-after assassin is caught an investigation into one of his colleagues exposes new secrets and intrigue into his old cases. Now he has to go back undercover and see if he can find the truth about who has really been behind it all. Written by Olen Steinhauer and published in 2009.

The Expats

By Chris Pavone

Kate Moore has a secret, one no one can know, but keeping it makes the rest of her life, as a working mother and wife difficult. When her husband gets a new job in Luxemburg she is thrilled, believing she can finally leave her double life behind. But now her husband is the one keeping secrets about his work, and the couple who move in next door are not who they say they are. Kate begins digging into the lives of everyone around her, afraid her past has caught up to her, and the more she learns, the more secrets she finds. This thrilling tale was written by Chris Pavone in 2012.


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