Best Romantic Suspense Books

The suspenseful romances take the struggles of finding love and place them in difficult and dangerous times. Our heroes and heroines must literally fight for their lives if they want to find happiness. Written by some of the best authors in these genres, including New York Times Best-Selling romance author Nora Roberts.

Open Season

By Linda Howard

On Daisy Minor’s thirty-fourth birthday, she makes a life-changing decision: to change her entire life. Tired of being ordinary, quiet and without a date for over a decade, she has made the decision to change everything. She completely transforms herself into a party girl; dancing, flirting and drinking her nights away. But her plan gets wrenched apart when she becomes witness to something she was not supposed to see, making her the target of a killer. Witten by acclaimed author Linda Howard and published in 2001.

Extreme Exposure

By Pamela Clare

Kara keeps men and feelings at bay. After the father of her child dumped her she vowed to never let herself become that vulnerable again. Instead, she turns her thoughts to journalism and raising her child. Reece Sheridan is a powerful, handsome, charming Senator who could have any woman he wanted, but he has his sights set on Kara. A sudden political scandal and several attempts on Kara’s life could very well pull them apart or perhaps bring them even closer. Written in 2005 by author Pamela Clare.

Black Ice

By Anne Stuart

Chloe Underwood is tired of her slow passed life. She lives in Paris translating books, living from paycheck to paycheck. When she is offered a deal to translate at a conference in an old chateau, she jumps at the chance. But when she arrives things quickly become dangerous. Her employers are arms dealers who plan on killing her when she learns too much. Bastian Toussant saves her. But was she in more danger from her arms dealing bosses or this terrifying man who has yet to reveal his own motives? Written in 2005 by Anne Stuart.

The Darkest Hour

By Maya Banks

When Ethan Kelly’s wife Rachel died, he shut himself off from everything and everyone. His brothers tried to get him back into the KGI fold but to no avail, Ethan built powerful walls around himself as he grieves and blames himself for his wife’s death. Everything changes when a year after her demise an anonymous letter claims that she is still alive. Ethan rushes out to save her. He will risk bullets, dangerous jungles, and a deadly drug cartel in hopes of finding the love of his life. Written in 2010 by Maya Banks.

The Witness

By Nora Roberts

Elizabeth, tired of her controlling mother, decides to have one night to let loose. She goes out dancing and drinking and somehow lets a seductive Russian accent lure her to a lake house. Here her life is changed forever. Twelve years later a woman named Abigail Lowery lives by herself outside of a small town in the Ozarks. She works as a freelance programmer making security systems. She keeps herself safe with a fierce dog and a firearm. Police Chief Brooks Gleason is both intrigued and frustrated by her secretive nature. He can tell she needs help and is hiding a dark story, but will she open up to him? Written in 2012 by renowned author Nora Roberts.


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