Book Excerpt: Paranormal Painless by Shannon Rieger


 Dip Our Heads in the

Deep Blue Sea 

A delusive feeling of reprieve settled deeply as I slept within the confines of my warm sheets. When the bong from my antique grandfather clock warned of the commencement of the witching hour, I was woken by an icy voice in my ear, a cool breath against my cheek. “Maybe we haven’t been clear. We aren’t done with you, Christian Moore.”

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, a sharp spasm in my side and the sense of falling struck a fearful chord.

“Wake up!” I willed of myself, but it was too real. I slid down a rough surface and the more I grabbed at the edges, the more scrapes I suffered, and the more the burn soared through my body.

I cried out, the ache and dread stammering against my insides and then, just when I thought I would pass out, with another crushing blow to the side of the wall, I fell with a splash.

I rose out of the waist-high water with a dreadfilled gasp and then a chill raced through my body. I screamed out something inaudible, unrecognizable and it echoed off the walls.

With rasping breaths, I cried out for help but it fell on deaf ears. The sound of wings at my hollers told me that I was no longer where I had last remembered.

This vision was different from the others I had endured. This one was meant to be different. I felt it against my skin and in my bones, the chill and fright of it. The pain was very intense…and undeniable.

My chin and lips trembled; my eyes bulged with an inability to blink. I grasped at the wall and followed it, only to learn that I was going in circles and that there were no corners. I was in a cylindrical pit full of water and judging by the smell, I was deep in the earth.

My rigid posture and tense muscles flared as the cold seeped into my body and my breath was frosty as if I were battered by a winter storm. The sound of an owl made me flinch, and I cringed at a coyote’s yelp.

I rubbed my face as I circled the small space, back to the wall, trying to weigh my options. Tremors in my hand and fingers helped to persuade me to fight the numbing cold, but soon, my teeth chattered and involuntary shakes pounded through my body.

I had little time to escape. A panic attack came over me, and I began to pound the surfaces, scuffing my hands, abrasions stinging and eyes tearing.

I called out again with a voice that I had never heard before, a frightening hoarse screech. No response came. There was nothing I could do except wait.

I slid my fingers along the walls for a protruding edge so that I could try to climb, but the vegetation growing along the walls was slippery and I could grasp at nothing.

My nostrils flared and I breathed in the deep woodsy smell. I went into a coughing jag and something moved at the mouth of the pit. Two glowing eyes peered down, shimmering silver. A bark led me to believe that the noise I was making attracted the wildlife.

I closed my mouth and remained still, not even for a moment making a slurping sound in the water. Eventually, the growling creature disappeared, and I breathed in heavily.

As time passed, I thought back to the day that changed my contented life path, one that should have led to Eveie, to this one where my final moments might lead to the possibility of death by hypothermia and starvation.

What could I have done differently? I was cautious beyond all reason, and yet, here I was, up to my waist in a pit of frigid water. All I had understood to be true was that it started the evening I invited a creature into my home only to have something follow which was very much uninvited.

Paranormal Painless

by Shannon Rieger

Bewildered by an unexpected, peculiar package and disturbed by its accompanying antagonistic spirits, English teacher Christian Moore is shaken from his carefully crafted, cocooned existence and catapulted into the shocking reality of an unpredictable, haunted and sometimes evil world.

With his own safety and sanity at stake, he must learn to embrace the paranormal when he is confronted by the serial killer of innocent children. To survive, Christian forms unlikely alliances with once feared intruders from the supernatural realm, as well as, a mysterious man with unique insight and abilities.  Just when he thinks he has solved the mystery of his chilling visions, he is propelled into a tomb of water where he is forced to unravel the heartbreaking history buried for years within the confines of those same walls.

While helping the unfortunate, trapped souls, he is compelled to examine his own traumatic past and to risk everything e knows for a life truly worth living.

About the Author

Scott Mullins is a freelance writer and digital content manager. When he’s not finding ways to distract himself from writing his novel he writes killer copy for companies all over the world. Connect with Scott on Twitter @ScottMullins86 or LinkedIn. He’s always looking to connect with other writers.