Book Excerpt: The New Reign by M.L. Ruscsak

With the seer’s stone resting on the table before him Karnack sat his quill back into the inkwell. For more than three thousand years he had been doing in death what he had done in life… watching history unfold and keeping a detailed account for his queen.
A queen who even he had not seen since the time of the great war.
Still, he watched and waited for the child to be born that his queen had seen so many years before. A child who would be born a creator. A queen who would be able to defeat a threat that was still in the shadows of the Great Stars.
The rest of the first Fey, who had settled this land, had already given up on ever finding the child. Nicco had changed his name two or three times in the past three centuries. As had Ean. And Donny… ah the great warrior … he completely sealed himself off from the world shortly after Myrddin had fallen from the stars.
Of the four of them, none had ever been able to find out what had ever happened to their queen’s only child. A baby known only as Ari. His father had been the cause of their queen’s withdrawal from the realms.
Yet, he held out hope that one day he would find this chosen queen and give her the crown of the dead. A crown that would give her the power to stand and face a threat that only she would be able to defeat.
“Karnack? Are still watching the stone?”
He barely glanced over his shoulder to a woman who was just as beautiful today as she was the first he had laid eyes on her. “I am the scribe to the queen and I will be the one to see the chosen queen long before any other.”
Pulling a knife from her belt, she leaned on the wall watching him write some mindless dribble that none would ever read. A soft smile touched her blood red lips.
“When you find her, tell me. I’ll make sure no harm ever comes her way.”
At that he turned and fought hard to remind himself that the fey that stood before him was a friend. Fought harder to remember that she would never truly harm him. “Freya, darling, if what I know for fact ever comes to pass then even you will need help in protecting her.”
She heeled boots clicked on the stone floor as she drew closer. When she reached his working desk, her leaned in and whispered, “You let me worry about that.”

 The New Reign 

By M. L. Ruscsak

Lives entwine sometimes things or parents do come back to hurt their children. And Sometimes those hurts make them stronger.

Eighteen years ago Nisha lost both of her parents to a tragic fire. Or at least that is what she had been told. Something always felt wrong about the story. Something off to the point that it didn’t make sense yet no one had ever wanted to believe her.

Not when she became Queen of the Under Kingdom when she was barely thirteen. Not When her powers started to grow to frightening results. No she had decided after she was crowned the Queen of Darke as her mother had planned then she would find all the answers that she wanted… regardless of who or what stood in her way.

About the Author

Scott Mullins is a freelance writer and digital content manager. When he’s not finding ways to distract himself from writing his novel he writes killer copy for companies all over the world. Connect with Scott on Twitter @ScottMullins86 or LinkedIn. He’s always looking to connect with other writers.