Book Review: Christmas Cats by R.F. Kristi

First of all, Christmas Cats is an adorable children’s’ book. Of course, it is very common for books aimed towards kids to be cute, but how does it hold up? Well, I’m a grown woman and I never became bored while reading it. All in all, that’s a win for kids and the parents.

This is a short chapter book, probably aimed towards smaller kids, yet the author does not tone down the prose. What I mean is the writing is easy for children to understand, but it is not written in a juvenile manner. This is a breath of fresh air!

The story spans a total of six chapters and is told in a point of view a cat named, Inca. Inca lives with her little family: her Siamese sister, Cara, tabby brother, Fromage, a hamster named Charlotte, and the human they “jointly own,” Missy. Missy and the cats run the family cheese business. Fromage, himself, was named after the company and is the mascot. In their spare time, Inca and her fuzzy family likes to solve mysteries involving some of the other neighborhood pets.

I was impressed with how a short, six chapter book could make use of a double plot without getting too muddled. Inca and her team investigate the disappearance of an important missing document, while Terrance the dog and his owner look for a missing friend.

The illustrations by Jorje Vanelle are very beautiful to look at it and the colorful array should be pleasing to any youngster’s eyes. There are a lot of different animal characters running around in this story, so it may be confusing for younger readers at first. But as the story goes on and they become more invested, it will get much easier.

Overall, Christmas Cats is a delightful breath of fresh air in the younger readers’ genre.

Christmas Cats (Inca Cat Series 2)

by R.F. Kristi

R.F. Kristi’s ‘Christmas Cats’, volume two follows the “The Cats Who Crossed Over from Paris“, volume one of the Inca Cat Series. The series embroils readers in the escapades of a cross-continental furry family as they leave their native France for the UK for a spot of detective prowess.

Another adventure story from Inca the extraordinary Siberian kitty-cat. It is Christmas time, and Inca is ready to enjoy the holiday season with her Siamese sister Cara and brother Fromage – the cheese loving Tabby cat, not to forget their adopted hamster Charlotte. Life turns interesting when their neighbourhood tough dog – Boss comes around asking for help to save the loss of his master and domicile. Another mystery to solve with the help of their neighbours Monk the Blue Russian cat and Polo the Pekinese doggy. An eventful time is around the corner for the newly formed detective team headed by Inca.

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