Book Review In the Depth of Darkness by by Sean Fletcher

In the Depths of Darkness, by Sean Fletcher, is a sci-fi adventure, post-apocalyptic novel. Our main character, Alyx Starborn, is a thief struggling to feed his family in a world that is dying.

The year is 2119 and the planet is overcrowded, breaking down, and surrounded by different alien races. The Earth Alliance has taken control and has all the power. When Alyx is arrested he is given a choice: join a special force of alliance soldiers or spend his life in prison while his family is turned out on the streets. With little option, Alyx finds himself training along with other criminals. He and his new companions quickly learn that they are part of an experiment that, should it succeed, could save the human race. But before they can begin their new rules, Alyx and his team are blamed for a murder they did not commit. Now they must go on the run, search for safety, while also tackling the secrets that surround them.

This story is an exciting adventure with many secrets and twists along the way. Fletcher has created an amazing post-apocalyptic world that is both interesting and unique. The detail used in the setting, both of the physical world and social structures are able to create a believable and yet fantastical world. It really is able to get you thinking about the possibilities of the future of our world. The structure of the EA is particularly interesting. The relationship of them having all this power while not being the actual government. The different alien races and other human groups also add an interesting dynamic to Fletcher’s world, making it unique and giving it depth.

Having the point of view from Alyx’s perspective is especially fascinating because he is in an interesting position from the very start of the book. He hates the EA and the power they hold over the world, putting blame on them for the terrible situation he, his family, and many of the other humans on earth, are in. But he also finds himself falling for some of their promises. Particularly the thought of being in the hall of heroes. From the very beginning of the book, Fletcher is able to make Alyx a character you can sympathize with. Alyx shows how much he cares for his family and shows the lengths he will go to protect them. His own hopes and dreams give him depth from the very first couple of chapters.

Sean Fletcher is an American author born in Texas, much like his main character, and now lives in Washington State. He is also the author of the I am Phantom series. I enjoyed reading this book. It was a quick but exciting read. It is a fun story that takes you on an epic journey through space. I would definitely recommend this book to sci-fi and YA readers. I am looking forward to being able to read the rest of this trilogy and find out what happens next with Alyx and his friends.

In the Depths of Darkness

By Sean

A Top Ten Best YA Book Finalist at the 2017 San Francisco Writers Conference

The first book in an epic science fiction fantasy series, perfect for fans who love Veronica Roth, Marissa Meyer, and Amie Kaufman.

Alyx Starburn is a nobody; a guttergrunt practically living on the streets of a future Earth that’s surrounded by alien threats, and ‘protected’ by the oppressive Earth Alliance.

When Alyx is arrested for stealing food, he’s given a choice: join a new branch of the Earth Alliance created to rehab convicts like him into the service to defend Earth, or rot in a quarry on a backwater planet a thousand light-years away. It isn’t a hard decision.

Soon he’s enlisted in basic training, teamed up with three other outcasts: Killian, calm under fire, but haunted by his past deeds; Vaness, an icy-eyed killer who’d just as soon shoot you than smile; and Jess, alluring, friendly, with a roundhouse kick as deadly as the secrets she carries.

But they have been deceived.


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