Book Review: Trinity of Wicked Tales by Kyla Ross

What would you do when your obsession takes a wrong turn?

This, and the devastating consequences of what happens when those we love go against us, is the main theme of A Trinity of Wicked Tales – Volume One: Jilted Love. The three short horror and suspense stories are written by Kyla Ross and were published on January 29, 2017.

The author first introduces us to Trev and Suzie, two drug addicts who do not refrain from stealing, holding people at gunpoint, and even killing them. In the end, one betrays the other to get another fix and withdraw into a life far from reality.

In “Iris”, Natalie, a young, beautiful marketing executive in search for her one true love, is the main character. She seems to have it all with her career and her boyfriend, Jason. But once she suspects infidelity from his side, she goes back to her old ways and her disturbing past takes a terrifying turn that may destroy everything she ever dreamed of.

The last story revolves around Phil, a successful car salesman with a secret double life that comes crashing down on him one day. With his good looks, charms and mysterious demeanor, he tricks people into doing the dirty work for him and seeks to get revenge from those who deceived him.

Each character fights with their own demons and struggles with rejection coming from their loved and trusted ones. Kyla Ross takes us on a ride where she shows us what happens when we snap and leave our humanity behind to do the unthinkable. Be it Trev, who finds satisfaction in killing people, Natalie, who takes her obsessions for her partners too far by stalking them, or Phil, who is so caught up in his lies that he is more in love with his way of living than with the people surrounding him.

The plots and protagonists were credible and gave great insight into their feelings and thinking style.

The first volume leaves us wanting to know what happens next and whether the author will pick up these stories in the following volume or starts with completely new ones, just to leave the endings up to our own imagination.

At times, the stories felt a bit rushed and could have gone deeper into the psyche of every character, just to get a better overview of their background. On the other hand, some descriptions go into a lot of detail, especially when it comes to what each character does with his or her hands. A few grammatical errors jumble up the meaning of certain sentences. These drawbacks made it difficult to enjoy the book without hesitation. However, Kyla Ross has a great understanding of how to create suspense and make the reader wondering what will happen next. It is also a gift to write about detestable characters and she succeeded in that with great bravura. With time and more experience, I am sure that Kyla Ross will refine her writing and I look forward to reading more from her.

 Trinity of Wicked Tales 

By Kyla Ross

In this collection of dark tales lives are savagely twisted, inner demons are reawakened and deception reigns supreme. A quest for a fix turns bloody for two heroin addicts as their vicious endeavors land them into a gruesome pitfall. A marketing executive and car salesmen are deceived by the ones they love. Armed with rage, they set out to slaughter those responsible.



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