Book Review: A Twisted Route by Carol C. Hooper

This book was particularly harder to get through. Not because the story was bad, but because the novel suffers from a common literary plight. I found that A Twisted Route was guilty of the error known as “too much telling and not enough showing.”

What that means is that I felt the writer was relying too heavily on being inside the character’s head, instead of showing the reader through actions. There was also some grammar errors here and there and the story could use a bit of polishing on that end.

Plot-wise, there were a few issues. A Twisted Route centers on, I guess I would say our two protagonists, Emma Sawyer and Aiden Finnegan  When the beautiful Emma Sawyer moves into Aiden’s quaint little town, he is quickly interested in getting to know her better. But unknown to him, Emma is quite used to bouncing from town to town and is hiding some rather heavy secrets.

First of all, I didn’t buy how soon Emma and Aiden establish trust. Especially because of the decisions that Aiden has to make in the end, their feelings seem a bit rushed. Emma really went through some traumatic stuff, she seemed too easily taken with Aiden. The book isn’t long at 103 pages, this can definitely be more fleshed out.

I need just a little more from Jimmy, the villain. At first, I thought his reason for tormenting Emma was just a little on the weak side. Yes, she did scar his face, but he didn’t really have much going for him before that. He had already lost his job. Is a facial scar really worth all that trouble? But then towards the end, we really get to see Jimmy’s dark, twisted obsession with Emma. His lust for her obviously went over the edge since he wanted to have a relationship with her when she was a child. I need to see more of that. It really adds a fear factor.

Speaking of Jimmy, I think his and Emma’s backstory is revealed too early. Since this is a thriller, the author really should keep the audience on their toes. Maybe revealing the details bit by bit. All in all, A Twisted Route has the makings of being a very twisted thriller.

A Twisted Route

By Carol C. Hooper

Emma Sawyer is fleeing from an abusive past and a man determined to ruin her future. Miles away, in a small North Carolina town, she meets Aiden Finnegan, who will help her find love and hope. Just when Emma starts believing she can stop looking over her shoulder, her past catches up with her in a tragic way.

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