Book Review of Warrior: A Seventeen Series Thriller, by A.D. Starrling

Reviewed by Jenny Heslop

When a team of scientists find an ancient tomb in Northern Africa Dimitri Resnick knows it’s the one he has been searching for all his life – which for an immortal is a very long time. But at the tomb’s opening Resnick’s team discover it has already been looted, and recently.

Desperate to recover the missing artefacts, Resnick, the Head of the Crovir Immortal Culture and History Section, calls upon the only person he fully trusts, his goddaughter Alexa. Along with history professor, Jackson, Alexa follows the trail of the stolen sarcophaguses from Egypt, through Turkey, the Vatican City, Rome and Eastern Europe in this high adrenaline-charged game of cat and mouse, where the whole of humanity, not just Immortal race, is at stake.

Warrior is edge-of-your-seat action from the very start and rarely lets up to take a breather. The characters are, on occasion, a little too perfect, but interesting and always fun and likable. The plot is fast-paced, full of conspiracy theories, secret societies, historical references and high-tech toys only available to the immensely wealthy. The tone is light even though it is a thriller, with the occasional reference to well-known historical figures as being part of ‘the Immortals’.   

The narration is very good. When listening to an audiobook the voice is such an important part of the overall experience and Bower’s narration enabled me to sink into the story. He provides easy to distinguish voices for the characters and portrays the urgency of the action, along with the high drama and emotions of those involved.

This is a fun story, great for an escapist read/listen. I would recommend it for those who love non-stop action, adventure, exotic locations, archaeological historical detail and a touch of romance. A thrilling ride!

Warrior is the second title in A.D. Starrling’s Seventeen Series Thriller. Although it would be good to start with Hunted- Book 1, it is not essential as the storyline of each of these books follow different main characters. I have not read the first book yet but will now go back and rectify this. Warrior is followed by Empire and Legacy, with plenty of short stories published for fans to read more about their favourite, more minor, characters and the world A.D. Starrling has created.

Warrior won the Next Generation Indie Book Awards for Action/Adventure in 2014

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