Comic Horror Book Recommendations

Laugh while you scream! Comic Horror combines the best of both worlds; horror and comedy.

This sub-genre tends to be rich in satire and wit all while in the midst of the most horrifying situations!

Pride Prejudice and Zombies

By Seth-Grahame and Jane Austen

Pride Prejudice and Zombies, written by Seth-Grahame and Jane Austen, published in 2009, follows the story of Pride and Prejudice, but with a bit of a humorous twist. Although Pride Prejudice and Zombies stays true to the story line, dialogue, and quick wit; it adds the element of the undead, a whole lot of action, and even ninjas! Elizabeth Bennet is hell sent on wiping out the Zombie plague that has recently strolled into town, however she becomes a bit distracted when the infamous Mr. Darcy also strolls into town. Fortunately, at times, they make a pretty kick-ass team! Pride Prejudice and Zombies is full of love, devastation, humor, blood, and rotting flesh.

The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror

By Christopher Moore

Haven’t filled up on enough brains yet? The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Terror, by Christopher Moore, published in 2004, will be sure to give you your fill! Archangel Raziel has been given a mission: Crime: Santa’s dead Murder weapon: a shovel Witness: a young boy named Joshua Barker Joshua’s wish: to resurrect Santa Seems easy enough to grant, right? Well, things may not have went exactly according to plan and the dead seems to be, well, not so dead anymore. Moore’s novel is terrifyingly hilarious, you do not want to miss out on this one!

 John Dies at the End 

By David Wong

Drink the magic soy sauce and enter a different dimension in John Dies at the End, written by David Wong, published in 2007. John and Dave are two normal guys, that is until they came across the magic sauce that allowed them to open their eyes into another world filled with demons. For the safety of John and Dave, their names had to be changed, but they definitely prove to be two of the most unconventional and hysterical demon hunter duos you will ever find! This novel is bizarre and hilarious all while maintaining a cringe-worthy factor.

 This Book is Full of Spiders 

By David Wong

If you liked John Dies at the End, you are going to love David Wong’s sequel This Book is Full of Spiders, published 2012! John and Dave find themselves partners in crime once again in this follow-up novel. Dave finds himself attacked by a spider in his sleep. Despite John and Dave’s best efforts, the town is soon covered in this spider-like plague as they continue to fight to restore the town. This novel is filled with outlandish humor, quick wit, and wonderful spiders taking control of people’s bodies. What more could you want in a novel?

Everything Has Teeth

By Jeff Strand

Jump into a world of serial killers, aliens, insanity, nails that would make a manicurist cringe, twisted nursery rhymes, and even big foot! Jeff Strand’s novel titled Everything Has Teeth, published in 2017, has a little bit of everything in it. Strand’s novel includes twenty-one short stories that range from gory and insane to spine-tingling and hilarious; because in this book, Everything Has Teeth!


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