Up-and-Coming Novels Starring Female Protagonists

This list has set out to bring you five of the most anticipated books of 2017 starring female protagonists. These five stand-alone books are in a variety of genres, from fantasy to psychological thriller. Each is about the exciting adventures of our leading ladies. Each of these books was written by female authors that are highly successful novelists. I am in ever growing anticipation for the release of these novels and am intrigued to be able to read this fascinating tales.


by Meagan Spooner

Hunted is the newest retelling of the classic fairytale beauty and the beast. It follows female protagonist Yeva, the daughter of a hunter, lives in a world of mysterious magic. Her father hunts the creatures of legend and lore, getting closer to finding the secrets of the forest they lived by than anyone else. But when her father goes missing as he is tracking a specific creature, Yeva takes up the mantle to hunt it down and find her father. Through her adventures, she finds herself in a cursed valley. Here she finds a ruined castle and comes fast to face with the creatures she has only ever heard of in fairytales. Author Meagan Spooner is a world traveler and best-selling author of the award-winning Starbound trilogy and the Skylark trilogy. Hunted will be released on March 14th of 2017.

Toward a Secret Sky


by Heather Maclean

Maren Hamilton is orphaned at the age of 17. She is sent to live in Scotland with her grandparents, who she has never met. But life becomes even more complicated after that when she receives an encrypted journal from her mother. With the revelation that her parents were part of a secret organization and she must either join them or be a target. Her new town finds themselves pulled in as a murderous madness sweeps over the entire population. Maren has to decide her own path to join or fight. Author Heather Maclean is a New York Times best-selling author and editor of 15 books. Her book Towards the Secret Sky will be released on April 4th of 2017.

Given to the Sea

by Mindy Mcginnis

Mindy Mcginnis is bringing us the epic tale of a magical land that harbours secrets, schemes, and the fates of many people’s lives. Khosa is the girl whose fate is with the sea and the survival of the land of Stille, but if she is unable to fulfil her duty the destinies of Vincent, prince of Stille, Dara and Donil, the last of a magical race and Witt and his army Pietra will all be in danger. Things are changing, are these characters ready for it? Mindy Mcginnis is a YA author with many books already released in many genres. This novel is set to be released on April 11th of 2017.


by Heena Rathore P.

Deceived is the psychological thriller of a girl faced with the darkest of human emotions. Even after nine years, Ally is still struggling with the murders of her mother and younger brother but life gets even more difficult as she finds herself surrounded by betrayal and deception. With a serial killer on the loose, murders and revenge Ally is simply trying to find happiness with her lover, but the world around her has other plans. Heena Rathore Pareshi is a novelist and award-winning writer. She will release this dark thriller on June 24th of 2017.


The Color Project

by Sierra Abrams

Sierra Abrams is tackling the complexity that is love, looking at the three great loves of life: family, friendship, and romance. Her protagonist Aurora Wescott has found herself falling in love with golden boy Levi, runner of the charity the color project. But she has a secret. That secret is her name. Despite everything she refuses to tell anyone her name, knowing that to give that up will be to give up a part of her forever. Sierra Abrams has wanted to be a writer since she was seven years old and will release this book on July 18th of 2017.



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