Create An Online Book Launch Team

What is an Online Book Launch Team?

One smart way to build your fan base without spending a lot of money is an online book launch team. An online launch team is a group of readers who agree to market your book for you. Launch teams allow than the authors to clear their marketing to-do list and increase their exposure at the same time. Members of an online book launch team help out in a few ways, such as

  • Leaving a review of your book.
  • Talk about your book’s content with other readers, increasing your online presence.
  • Share social media content promoting your book.

They might do all three of these activities or something else. The options are almost endless.

Why Should I Use a Book Launch Team Anyway?

Online launch teams leverage the platform and networks readers already have. Readers (more so than authors who always Tweet “Buy my book” all the time) serve as gatekeepers for other readers. When a reader needs a book recommendation that can’t be solved with a Google search, they often turn to a fellow reader, reading group, or blog. Readers turn to fellow readers because they can offer context and insight.

When members of your online book launch team share your book with others, they reach other readers in a way that traditional marketing can’t. imagine that a reader of Sherlock mysteries declares that a new Sherlock book is awesome to their friends and family. The chances of friends and family paying attention to your book go astronomically up.

The 6 Basic Steps to Creating an Online Book Launch Team

So you might be interested in at least considering an online book launch team. How do you get started?

Let’s cover the five basic principles to keep in mind:

  1. Create a storyline. Your online book should have a beginning, middle, and end, like a good story. To fuel that story, you need content. Some of the questions you want to answer at this point: What are the key milestones during my book launch? How do I want to share updates? What will I say at the beginning and end of the launch?
  2. Create a “place” for your members to gather Your launch team will need a “place” for that team to gather. This “place” is where members will get updates from you, share comments with each other, and get marketing content. Your “place” can be a forum, blog, website, or Facebook group. It can also be in person.
  3. Get permission and contact information. Now that you have a “place” you need people. Like any type of marketing, you need to get permission. You also need contact information so you can keep in touch with your team members.
  4. Prepare roles Figure out what your team members will do. Do you want them to leave a review, share social media content, or pass out bookmarks? Identify the different ways members of your online book launch team can get involved.
  5. Provide the rules and incentives. To keep everything running. set boundaries For example, do you want readers to wait until a certain date to post a review? Let me them know beforehand. Do you want to keep a cover reveal secret? Let your team members know. Besides the rules, work on the incentives too. Examples of incentives include a review copy of the book, merchandise, tickets, or member-only events.
  6. Make it an exclusive club. An online book launch should be fun. It should also give members a sense of community. For your online book launch team, this means providing members-only experience. When you have an update about the book, let your team members see it first. Allow team members to give feedback. Thank team members and engage in conversation with them. By connecting you are laying the foundation for a long-term reader (aka fan).

Creating an online book launch team can seem intimidating and scary, especially if you want to maintain a tight control over your marketing. There is a huge upside to this kind of marketing. Readers want to communicate with authors and other readers. They want to be a part of something special. An online book launch team is a simple and cost-effective way to make that happen.

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