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Book Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller, Suspense, Dystopian

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An Irish ghost hunter turned fashion designer who lives with her evil genius best friend turns to writing after desiring a better ending for one of her favourite book series, with highly successful results. It may sound like a somewhat odd elevator pitch for a new manuscript, but in reality it is just a one of a many ways to describe sci-fi/dystopian author Eliza Green.

Hailing from Dublin, Eliza Green’s debut novel Becoming Human, part 5 of the Exilon 5 Series, sets up a futuristic series based on the competing needs of the overpopulated Earth humans and the indigenous inhabitants of a new world, Exilon 5. With the series still ongoing, Green has added a couple of prequels as well as branched out into the thriller genre with her 2015 release of Derailed Conscience. She will be adding a part 2 to the latter story in 2018.

Greens latest novel, Feeder, asks similar questions to the Exilon 5 series, but with a far closer focus. The theme of responding to difficult choices resonates throughout her work, whether exploring a new planet, working through the levels of Arcis, or in the terrifying confines of the protagonist’s own head, Greens holds all accountable for their decisions.

With a novel a year slated for release between 2017 and 2019, continuing on from both the Feeder series and Exilon 5 series, the future is exciting for Eliza Green fans, as well as being a great time to start reading her work.

Eliza Green's Books In Order

Exilon 5 series

Becoming Human (#1)

By Eliza Green

Altered Reality (#2)

By Eliza Green

Crimson Dawn (#3)

By Eliza Green

Quantum Silence (#4)

By Eliza Green

Exilon 5 series prequels

Echoes of Earth (#0.5)

By Eliza Green

New Origin (#0.6)

By Eliza Green

Feeder series

Feeder (#1)

By Eliza Green

Standalone Books

Derailed Conscience

By Eliza Green

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