Historic Thriller Book Recommendations

These books traverse through time, often following modern heroes trying to trace back and discover the secret mysteries of ancient events. These stories are often based on a real piece of history but given a new, exciting and intriguing twist that builds mystery. Our characters must fight to divulge the secrets of the past before they themselves are killed.

 The Woman in White 

By Wilkie Collins

Written in 1859 by Wilkie Collins, this is the story of Walter Hartright. Walter finds himself caught up with a number of intriguing and often sinister people. From the beautiful Laura Fairlie, the untrustworthy Sir Percival Glide and his friend Count Fosco, who has a taste for bonbons and poison. His story will look at identity, insanity and psychological realism, all tied up in gothic horror and thriller mystery.

Eye of the Needle

By Ken Fillet

There is one person, an enemy spy, who knows the secret to the Allies greatest deception, their code name ‘The Needle’ and they have the key to the ultimate Nazi victory. But there is someone who stands in the way, an Englishwoman on an isolated island but she is falling in love with a killer. Written by Ken Fillet and published 1978, this book is full of danger, intrigue, suspense and perhaps the hardest, dealing with the human heart.

The Templar Legacy

By Steve Berry

This best seller by author Steve Berry, published in 2006, is the story of the order of the Knights Templar. The most powerful order of their time but whipped off the earth by the Inquisition, causing all of their wealth to be lost. Cotton Malone is an operative for the U.S. Justice Department who is brought out of his quiet life when his former supervisor, Stephanie Nelle, is the victim of a violent robbery. Now they must take on ancient clues to track down the old treasure while fighting against the others who are also participating in this dangerous race.

 The Alexander Cipher 

By Will Adams

In the year 318 BC Alexander the Great is hurried. He is placed in a crystal sarcophagus in a catacomb of chambers, each packed with diamonds, rubies, and gold. It was here he was supposed to remain forever. In 2007 an underwater archaeologist named Daniel Knox is searching for Alexander’s gold. At last, he thinks he may have found a clue that will take him to Alexander’s tomb. But his discovery has alerted others searching for the treasure, notably two of the most dangerous men in the world, making Daniel a marked man. This book was written by Will Adams and was published in 2007.

 The Blood Stiller 

By Minerva Taylor

In 1918 Tsar Nicolas II signed a secret Ukase, an irrevocable royal edict, bestowing untold riches and power on his legitimate heir. In New York, 1970, Christina Gartner is befriending her new neighbour, a Russian woman who escaped the revolution along with her two children. But this friendship sends her headfirst into a game of cat and mouse against a ruthless Bolshevik who wants control over the Russian government. Christina must team up with an NYC cop to find the Ukase before her enemies do. Written by Minerva Taylor in 2013, this book is marked as being a must read for anyone who is fans of authors like the great Dan Brown.

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