Interview with Sci-Fi Author Ade Bozzay

Ade Bozzay, long time wannabe author who never really found the time to actually sit and do some serious writing due to working and family. Now the kids have grown up and left home finally found some peace and quiet.

For those who don’t know you, introduce yourself, your writing and books:

My name is Ade Bozzay, long time wannabe author who never really found the time to actually sit and do some serious writing due to working and family. Now the kids have grown up and left home finally found some peace and quiet. At the moment I have only published the one work “The Moaning of Loaf” but there is a sequel already completed and waiting to go, plus a third book which is not connected to the first two.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I have always wanted to try writing in a more serious manner. I used to write radio plays for local radio stations many years ago when I was a presenter myself. These were just short parodies of famous films that we acted out purely for the comedy of it, somewhat like the old “Around the Horne” and “Beyond our Ken” comedy skits of the 1950’s and 1960’s on the Radio of the time

Tell us about your book, and the story behind writing it

The Moaning of Loafis the story of Nobby Loaf, a loner and friendless man, who wasn’t in anyway a bad person but had a tendency to be a danger to himself and anyone within the immediate vicinity. The only real friend he has is his dog Rambo, who doesn’t really like him either. The Story centres on Nobby and Rambo being kidnapped by Dolphins from the Earth’s future, long after mankind has disappeared and the Dolphins returned to the land and became the dominant species. It is in a away a reversal of the Star Trek: The Voyage home film, where Kirk and the crew had to go back in time to find a whale, long extinct in their time period, and bring it back to answer a probes calls in their own time period. The Dolphins needed a Human, and picked someone no one would ever miss, which was Nobby.

What’s the biggest challenge about being a writer?

With me it was finding the time to actually sit and concentrate undisturbed long enough to get a sort of momentum going. Now I find myself at home alone much more as my wife and I tend to work a lot of opposing shifts so I get the quiet I need to concentrate on writing more.

Do you have a specific writing space?

Yes, for me it is the dining room table which is handy as it is near the kitchen where the coffee lives and has a nice view of the garden too

What’s your number one piece of writing advice?

Edit, re-edit and edit again. It is amazing how many errors you can overlook when writing. I tend to write a chapter or two at a time, do a quick edit and then put it away for a week or so and not look at it, then bring it out and read it afresh again and re-edit as necessary.

What books do you currently have on your bedside table?

Currently, I am re-reading The Throwback by Tom Sharpe

Who have been your biggest writing influences and why?

Well I love authors that have a great eye for situational humour such as Tom Sharpe, Gregory McDonald, Harry Harrison and Douglas Adams

How do you market your writing?

Well as this is my first book, so far I have just promoted the work through social media, and contacted various local media outlets.

Lastly, something fun. What’s something our readers might not know about you?

At 6 feet tall and weighing 250 pounds I was the world’s only SumoBallerina and part time model for Toby Jugs.

The Moaning of Loaf

By Ade Bozzay

Nobby Loaf is an unassuming man, friendless and lonely, apart from his dog, Rambo, who doesn’t like him either. Whisked away from his drab life when he is, for want of a better word, Kidnapped by descendants of dolphins from the future known as the Dolphoids. He is subsequently embroiled in an intergalactic plot which ends up with him destroying the planet earth and facing the wrath of a despotic Emperor who collects planets and claims ownership of earth. From start to finish this story is pure comedy and uses sci-fi as a tool to create scenarios that would otherwise not be possible for Nobby, such as being able to talk to his dog, threatened by death from robots, eating the eggs of six foot chickens etc…

About the Author

Scott Mullins is a freelance writer and digital content manager. When he’s not finding ways to distract himself from writing his novel he writes killer copy for companies all over the world. Connect with Scott on Twitter @ScottMullins86 or LinkedIn. He’s always looking to connect with other writers.