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Jorge Yacoman, feature film director, screenwriter and author born in Santiago, Chile on January 1, 1988. He spent his childhood in Mexico City and on his return to Chile graduated as a cinematographer. Apart from writing screenplays, novels, short stories and poems, he worked as an assistant dramaturge to film and TV actor Alfredo Castro (“The Club,” “No,” “From Afar”) at the Theatre School La Memoria. He has directed several short films, such as “Through your reflection” (2010), which won the second prize in the student competition at the 17th Valdivia Film Festival. His first feature film, “The comfort in the distance,” a guerrilla production, competed in the “Films in Progress” section at the 61st San Sebastian Film Festival, SANFIC 10 and it was screened in Germany and Switzerland. It was released commercially in March 2016 in Chile. His second feature film “Fragments of Lucy” was released commercially in Chile in May 2016 and premiered at the 32nd Warsaw Film Festival and the 61st Valladolid Film Festival. He's currently working on his third film and preparing to publish six more books: two novels, three collections of short stories, and a poem book.

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The Vestige of Silence

By Jorge Yacoman

Interview with The Vestige of Silence Author Jorge Yacoman

I was born on January 1, 1988, in Santiago, Chile. I spent my childhood in Mexico City and then went back to Chile. There I felt like a foreigner and adapting was difficult, but I believe it helped me develop a deeper self-awareness and sensitivity. Part of this change was dealing with two types of […]

Book Review: The Vestige of Silence by Jorge Yacoman

The Vestige of Silence by Jorge Yacoman follows a young man called Harry who meets and starts a relationship with a woman named Frances. They make eye-contact on a bus one day and the story goes from there. However, the themes of the novel are not only romantic. Harry is depressed and struggling to remember parts of his life. […]

Book Excerpt from The Vestige of Silence by Jorge Yacoman

They ask me how it happened and I tell them I can’t remember. They look at me disappointed as though they would have loved to have some exclusive story to tell their friends. Then they laugh and say what’s important anyway is that I’m fine. I tell them about all the drugs I was taking […]