Legal Thriller Books To Read Right Now

This list is full of books that tell the stories of how murders get solved. Focusing on the legal side, our heroes are the attorneys looking for the truth or simply defending their clients but often find themselves embroiled in much darker pots than they could have imagined. These authors bring us the best books in this genre, written between 1986 and 2012.

 Defending Jacob 

By William Landry

This book calls into question just how far would you go to protect those you care about. Andy Barber is living a blessed life. He is a well-respected assistant district attorney and loves his wife and his teenage son Jacob. Everything quickly falls apart when a young boy is found stabbed to death in a park. But the most shocking thing is that Jacob is the chief suspect. This book was written by William Landry and it was published in 2012.

An Innocent Client

By Scott Pratt

Joe Dillard is a criminal defense lawyer, his newest case, a brutally murdered preacher and a beautiful and mysterious young girl who is accused of the crime. Dillard has become jaded over the years as he has tried to find a balance between his career and his conscience. Struggling with his falling apart personal life, Dillard never wavers in his effort to save someone who he believes is innocent. Published in 2008 this book was written by Scott Pratt.

The Lincoln Lawyer

By Michael Connelly

A Beverly Hills playboy is arrested for attacking a woman he picked up in a bar chooses criminal defense lawyer Mickey Haller to defend him. Haller is excited to have his first high-paying client in years and further thrilled when the case seems to get easier and easier. But then someone close to Haller is murdered and the search for innocence only leads him further to a dark path. Now Haller finds himself struggling to save his own life. This book was published in 2005 and was written by Michael Connelly.


The Runaway Jury

By John Grisham

This novel was written by John Grisham and published in 1996, is the story of a court case in Biloxi Mississippi, revolving around a landmark tobacco company with millions of dollars at stake. While the case starts relatively normally things quickly take a strange turn. The jury is behaving oddly and soon find themselves sequestered. An anonymous tip suggests they can predict the juror’s increasingly odd behavior. Question start to arise, is the jury being manipulated? Are they being controlled? But more importantly who is behind it and why?

Presumed Innocent

By Scott Turow

Things are not going well for chief deputy prosecuting attorney Rusty Sabich. His boss is in the midst of a bitter campaign for re-election and leaves Sabich in charge of solving the case of a fellow prosecuting attorney Carolyn Polhemus and expects results. Unfortunately for Sabich, he is also trying to hide the fact that he and Carolyn were having an illicit affair. Through the course of the book, Sabich will find himself surrounded by corruptions and deceit and above all will have to uncover the secret of who killed Carolyn. This novel was written by Scott Turow and was published in 1896.


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