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Leonora Meriel’s earliest memories are writing stories and telling people she was going to be a writer. She read insatiably during her childhood and wrote stories, novels and poems. She studied literature in Scotland and Canada, and moved to New York City after graduating, to work at the United Nations and then at the world’s largest law firm. 

After several years in the US, she changed location to Ukraine, and set up the county’s largest on-line bookshop, currently the largest multimedia internet company in the region. She spent some extraordinary years exploring Ukraine and earned an MBA from Ukraine’s top business school. At the age of 30, she decided that she had enough life experiences to write something worthwhile, and left the business she had founded and run, to write full time.

Her first novel, “The Woman Behind the Waterfall” is set in a Ukrainian village and tells the story of 3 generations of women tied through their life choices and mistakes. Her second novel “The Unity Game” draws on her experiences in New York, and combines them with a distant planet and an after-life generation.

Leonora enjoys pushing the boundaries of genres and exploring new areas for fiction and language and form. Her first novel, “The Woman Behind the Waterfall” is magical realism, whilst “The Unity Game” according to Kirkus Reviews “transcends genre … employing elements of magical realism, science fiction, love stories, and philosophy as well as keen-eyed social critique, employing a range of voices.”

Leonora is currently working on her third novel.

She loves interacting with readers, and would be happy to hear from anyone at or on Twitter @leonora_meriel or Facebook Leonora Meriel Author.

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The Women Behind The Waterfall (2017)

By Leonora Meriel

The Unity Game (2017)

By Leonora Meriel

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