Lessons to Share from Self-Publishing by Kwame Opeyo

Guest post by Kwame Opeyo

As a fresh author on the scene, the most salient advice I can give comes from my own trial and error period. One of the first lessons I learned was to have your book cover a professionally done. This is a must and that is all on that subject.

Second, you will need a professional editor, not your best friend reading your first manuscript.

Next, check out Chandler Bolt’s self-publishing website – self-publishingschool.com. Chandler has videos that give step-by-step instructions on how to successfully launch a book. Another piece of advice I have to share is that I suggest you join a local writing group through Meetup.com. I found a fantastic group of people in Atlanta who critiqued my book for me before I found an editor. As a matter of fact, after I left Atlanta, I contacted a member of that group and found my editor.

Most e-books are sold on Amazon, so you may want to e-publish there first. One of the reasons I suggest this is because you can take advantage of their Kindle special publishing deals. I went through Smashwords and I was very pleased, but I should have done them second because you can only publish through Amazon exclusively to take full advantage of their marketing tools.

Speaking of Smashwords, their website is full of useful information. Also, your e-book is distributed through different channels such as Apple on their site. As an example of something I learned about on Smashwords, I have to tell you about publishing an article online. Prlog.org is a free website where you can publish a book launch article targeted to readers of your genre. Smashwords suggests connecting with a blog writer, which I have not done yet. Another tidbit of advice I garnished from Smashwords is that no matter how many fans you have, one or a thousand, keep writing to make them happy. Word about your work will eventually spread.

On a different note, outside marketing is fun also. I did a book signing at a local bookstore that netted me more connections than money, but it was well worth it. I found material to do the book signing with on Vistaprint.com. On Vistaprint, I got t-shirts, pens and business cards made up. They also have thank you cards, which were a very nice touch at the end of the signing.

Lastly, I will mention our friend the Internet. Marketing on social media has been a fun game for me. I used Sitebuilder.com to make a website. I am not saying they are the best, just that you will need a website.

Twitter and Facebook are your friends. Set up a fan page on Facebook, do not use your personal Facebook page for your fans. Follow other authors and reader groups of your genre on Twitter and they will follow you.

Support other authors on many blogs and websites. Youtube is a nice baby too.

Find examples of good book preview videos and make one or pay someone to make one. A visual presentation catches more attention than words.

To sum up, everything I have written, above all never become discouraged. Many people say they are going to write a book but never seem to take that step into getting it out there. Get it out there.

Plexi: Adversity

by Kwame Opeyo

A world where magic and technology vie for dominance is in peril. Three teenagers, Plexi Jata Solaris, Mona Deluvius and Yingjie Iffing are thrust into the line of fire in a war between dimensions. Plexi’s world is populated by the gifted, who yield magic, and the Mundanes, who do not. The powerful wizard T’navreskrad from another dimension manipulates malevolent twins from Plexi’s world into opening a dimension rift. This evil wizard and three servant magicians pass through the breach to launch an invasion. T’navreskrad also suborns the police department of Plexi’s hometown, New Nexus City, in a ploy to make the three teens fugitives of the law. Plexi and her group enlist the aid of a high-grade wizard from their own world to aid in combating this evil. A bat


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Scott Mullins is a freelance writer and digital content manager. When he’s not finding ways to distract himself from writing his novel he writes killer copy for companies all over the world. Connect with Scott on Twitter @ScottMullins86 or LinkedIn. He’s always looking to connect with other writers.