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Born in rural Appalachia, Lisa Mathisen dreamed of traveling the world after seeing the Venetian canals on television. After working every type of menial job one can imagine she took off backpacking through Europe while her peers went to college. Inevitably falling in love with Scandinavia and marrying a Dane, she attended business college in Copenhagen, delivering newspapers at night and studying all day. She graduated as the first woman in Denmark to achieve a Business Innovation degree, shocking even herself.

Raised in a family of educators she was always a fan of writing. Her father; also a published author, taught her to be as concise as possible. Her sister's expert level editing was also a strong influence. Mathisen prefers to write fiction that marries humor with poignancy, because such is life as she sees it.

Returning to Ohio many years later she began a career in export and remains enthralled by the joys of selling American made goods all over the world. Mathisen currently lives in Columbus with her rescue corgi Coco Puff, enjoying boxed wine and Belgian chocolate every chance she gets.

She has yet to see Venice.

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By Lisa Mathisen

Glimpse vol. 5 Creature

By Lisa Mathisen

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By Lisa Mathisen

Author Interview with multi-genre Author Lisa Mathisen

Lisa Mathisen, author of a collectible flash fiction, multi-genre “” series. I have been writing my whole life. I was raised in Appalachia by educator parents and my father is a published author. My sister is a very skilled writer and my brother is a wonderful poet. Writing is in our genes. Being the “wildly […]

Book Excerpt from Glimpse Vol 5. Creature by Lisa Mathisen

5. THE RECLUSE The old woman had lived alone for the last ten years. After her husband passed she didn’t go out much. This resulted in a strange and fateful relationship with the brown recluse spider residing in her basement. She relied on the kindness of neighbors to fill her freezer and pantry for the […]