Medical Thriller Book Recommendations

These books are thrilling stories set in the place we think can save and heal us, but inside these hospitals mysteries things are happening and not even the doctors can all be trusted with their patients’ lives. Written between 1968 and 2013, these books are exciting, dangerous, mysterious and captivating as they bring forth murders and mayhem in the most unlikely of places.

 A Case of Need 

By Michael Crichton

This book by Michael Crichton, under the pen name Jeffery Hudson, published in 1968, is the début novel by this acclaimed author. Set at the Boston Medical Center, tensions are rising when a surgical operation tragically ends in death. Countless questions are raised; was it accidental malpractice? A violation of the Hippocratic Oath? Or, perhaps most disturbing of all, people begin to wonder if it is pure cold-blooded murder?



By Robin Cook

Susan Wheeler is a 23-year-old medical student working at Boston Memorial Hospital, doing her three-month medical rotation alongside four other trainees. Susan notices two patients who suffered complications in their surgeries due to the anesthesia and are now in comas. The chances of this issue happening to one patient is extremely rare, let alone two. Susan sets out to discover if there is another cause behind the complication and whether any other patients in comas may be suffering from the same fate. This novel was published in 1977 by English author Robin Cook.

 Dead Batteries 

By Rey Otis

In this novel written by Rey Otis, published in 2012, we follow the story of Selena Rodríguez. Selena has chosen to participate in a cutting-edge clinical research study in hopes that this third attempt at life will finally stick. The Zeus 3000 is an artificial heart that might finally be her chance. But life is complicated and Selena must go home to inherit her family house after her family is killed. But there are secrets within the house and after her surgery, she is able to hear and see things she should the able to hear and see.

Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center

By Judith Lucci

This is the story of a Mardi Gras party in post-Katrina New Orleans. This year the crowds are flocking in to create world record breaking numbers of people within the city. Alex, the legal counselor for Crescent City Medical Center, is waiting in anticipation for the big day and her big date. But things begin going wrong at the hospital, a prestigious patient is found unconscious and covered in blood and to make matters worse patients are leaving against medical advice and the staff are refusing to work. This book was published in 2013 by Judith Lucci.

 Fatal Reaction 

By Belinda Frisch

This is the story of Ana Ashore, a paramedic. One night she is on duty and drives past an accident she was not called to respond to, curious she stops only to discover that her sister’s body has been found and they believe it to be. Suicide. Ana, thinking back through her sister Sydney’s life sees a woman ready for a fresh start. She begins digging into the death with the help of Dr. Jared Monroe, racing against the police to try ND solve what they believe to be murder before anyone else gets hurt. Written by Belinda Frisch, this book was published in 2013.


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