Why Podcasts Are Perfect For Writers

The Benefits Of Writing Podcasts

Everyone has their own style of learning and a way of acquiring information that works best for them.

Some writers may prefer to take in new ideas from written sources such as books and blog posts. Others may prefer a face to face demonstration.

Podcasts are a great source of inspiration for writers who like listening to information. Many podcasts also are accompanied by notes and transcripts so you can reinforce your learning through different styles of presentation.

Podcasts are also excellent choices as they allow you to learn even when you are driving, exercising at the gym, or any other situation where learning in a different way isn’t practical.

Some of the key benefits of learning from podcasts include –

  • Small size audio files that take up a lot less storage than videos and are easier to stream
  • The personality of the podcaster is conveyed more fully than through blog posts alone
  • Excellent for interview format content
  • Episode archives allow you to see how ideas and writing trends have evolved over time
  • Entertaining and inspirational to hear directly from other writers you admire
  • Great for writers who are squeezed for time as podcasts are suited to multitasking

Even if podcasts aren’t your primary way of learning ideas and techniques related to writing, they can provide a nice change of pace. If you’re in the middle of a period of writing inspiration, but need to get out and carry out errands, podcasts allow you to keep your writing on your mind even while doing other things.

Types Of Podcast Useful For Writers

Your choice of writing podcasts is personal and depends upon the type of content you want to and the type of person you wish to learn from.

However, the following types of podcast are popular and logical choices for writers –

  • Writing craft podcasts. This type of podcast focuses on the technical and creative side of writing. Example topics include grammar tips, plotting methods and narrative device how-tos.
  • Writer interview podcasts. Podcasts consisting entirely or primarily of interviews with writers. Some podcasts may focus on a particular genre while others may take a more general focus. This style of writing podcast is great for picking up both practical tips and general inspiration.
  • General creativity podcasts. Sometimes, ideas from other creative disciplines are useful for writers. By listening to creative people in general, such as visual artists or musicians, we can learn useful ideas for our own work.
  • Self-publishing podcasts. Looking at the broader world of self-publishing, such as author branding ideas, self-publishing marketplaces, and the advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing.
  • Marketing podcasts. General marketing podcasts without a specific writing or self-publishing focus. A lot of general marketing concepts can be applied by writers and self-publishers.
  • Self-development podcasts. To help writers become happier and healthier which has a domino effect on their work.
  • Passion podcasts. Anything you are passionate about as a writer. Our interests, passions and hobbies inform our writing. By listening to podcasts we are passionate about, we gain new ideas and concepts to use in our writing.

These categories clearly show that podcasts help writers even when they aren’t directly related to writing itself. There are also a wide variety of useful podcast types available to provide variety and novelty.

Suggested Podcasts For New Listeners

So what are some of the best individual podcasts to check out if you are a writer new to the world of podcast listening?

You should spend some time exploring the podcasts that are out there and finding episodes you love. You can find fuller lists of podcasts for writers, marketing podcasts, and general creative podcasts elsewhere.

However, the following curated list is intended as a starting point to whet your appetite.

  • Grammar Girl – Grammar Girl is a long running and widely admired podcast which looks at the technical nuances of writing well. If you want a quick source of advanced writing information, Grammar Girl has got you covered.
  • New Yorker Fiction Podcast – If you are passionate about fiction, you need to check this out. You can hear writers reading and discussing the work of other authors they admire. This is a fantastic mix between an audiobook and a literary lecture.
  • Author Interviews – A brilliant showcase for the power of the interview format podcast. Learn insider ideas and stories from a wide variety of different authors.
  • The Tim Ferriss Show – As well as being a multiple bestselling author himself, Tim Ferriss is a great business mind who is well-connected within the world of entrepreneurship and marketing. He interviews incredible guests who are at the pinnacle of their field to learn their methods and mindsets for success.

The Power Of Writing Podcasts

Writing podcasts are a powerful resource because they allow you to –

  • Get ideas and inspiration related to writing, even on the go
  • Learn from some of the top writers in the world
  • Be entertained while learning

If you have a particular podcast you love, or a type of podcast you find useful as a writer which hasn’t been covered here, please feel free to reach out and let me know.

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