Romantic Comedy Novel Recommendations

These books are fun, passionate, and hilarious as they tackle the game of love. Looking at our awkward, overconfident, desperate, and cynical lovers, these stories cannot help but make you laugh.


By Emma Chase

Drew Evans has it all. He is handsome, rich, and has a very indulgent family. He spends his time seducing the most beautiful women in New York and receiving money despite not really participating in the family business. But his perfect life quickly comes crumbling down when Katherine Brooks begins working at Drew’s father’s investment banking firm. Drew’s smile, charm, good looks, and money are not nearly enough to win here over. Drew becomes more and more distracted as his feelings for her grow. Now he must fight for love or lose the one thing he can’t live without. Written in 2013 by author Emma Chase.

 The Rosie Project 

By Graeme Simsion

Don Tillman is a professor of genetics who is unlucky in love. To be more specific, he has never been out on a second date. He decides to take his research and embark on the Wife Project, a journey to find the perfect partner. That is until he meets Rosie Jarman, she is on a mission of her own. She enlists Don’s help in tracking down her biological father. The more time these two scientifically minded individuals spend together, the more apparent it becomes that love on paper and love, in reality, are two very different things. Written by Graeme Simsion in 2013.

 I’ve Got Your Number 

By Sophie Kinsella

Poppy Wyatt is well on her way to the happiest day of her life. She cannot believe her luck at finding the man of her dreams on fiancée Magnus Tavish. Unfortunately for Poppy, her luck has come to an end. During a hotel fire drill, she loses her engagement ring, or to be more clear; she loses the engagement ring that has been in her fiancée’s family for generations. And to top it all off, she also had her phone stolen. Her only slight bit of luck is finding a phone in the trash, unfortunately for her, the owner of the phone wants it back. Now she must juggle wedding plans, hiding her left hand, strange phone calls, and an obnoxious businessman who wants his phone back and her out of his life. Written in 2012 by best-selling author Sophie Kinsella.

 Playing for Keeps 

By R. L. Mathewson

Jason gets the shock of his life when his shy next-door neighbour goes Rambo on him because of some ruined flowers, little does he know that Haley has had enough. Haley is done being a pushover and is determined to change her life. Jason, her arrogant neighbour, is step one. He has far too much charm and not enough restraint, exactly what Haley doesn’t need. But somehow, she still finds herself sucked into his world and taken under his wing. Jason is surprised at just how well Haley fits into his life and desperately wants to show her that this isn’t just a game. Written by R. L. Mathewson in 2011.

Bet Me

By Jennifer Crusie

Minerva Dobbs knows better than to believe in happily-ever-after, especially with the man that took her out to win a bet. Calvin Morrisey doesn’t believe in commitment, particularly with the cranky woman he took out to dinner. By the end of the night, both are ready to cut their losses and never see each other again. But fate has a different plan. The two soon meet again and are thrust into dealing with jealous ex’s, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, psychologists, cats, and a risky proposition. With all of the chaos, it’s just possible these two might just find true love. Witten in 2004 by Jennifer Crusie.


About the Author

My name is Emerson Rose Craig. I am a creative writing student and aspiring novelist. I love fantasy, historical literature, sci-fi and classic literature but will read whatever I can get my hands on. I also write in all of these genres and more for inspiration does not limit itself and neither will I. If you ask me what my favorite book is I will not answer because picking a favorite book is, to me, like picking a favorite star.