Sensual Fiction Book Recommendations

In this list, the books come romances that are full of steam and passion. Whether friends or strangers, each of these couples finds each other pulled together by lust and desire. Some try to fight it while other immediately succumb. But love and passion are not that simple. Written by great author these books are filled with intoxicating romances that you simply can’t put down.

Bared to You By Sylvia Day

Eva Tramell came from a rich family, she is beautiful and smart. Her life is turned upside down when she meets Gideon, handsome, charming, and completely irresistible. They create an arrangement to deal with their attraction, friends with benefits. But their lust makes it so that Eva can think of little else. But both carry secrets and have past demons, they must hope that their new love will be stronger than their pasts. Written in 2012 by award-winning author Sylvia Day.


The Siren By Tiffany Reisz

Nora is excited at the possibility that she may finally get her book published. But, editor Zachary Easton has a few demands before he agrees. Nora has 6 weeks to rewrite the book to match his standards. To accomplish this Nora must work with Zach in gruelling writing sessions. While her feelings are growing for this demanding man, he dangerous former lover has reappeared. Written in 2012 by Tiffany Reisz.


On Dublin Street By Samantha Young

Sometimes we all want a chance to start over, this is a wish that Jocelyn makes a reality. Leaving behind a tragic past in the States, she moves to Scotland, and. It is here that she meets a man named Braden Carmichael a man that will not let her remain alone with her secrets. He offers her a deal, a relationship without strings. While she initially accepts, she soon realises that this man will not be satisfied until he knows her down to her very soul. Written by Samantha Young in 2012.


Wallbanger By Alice Clayton

Caroline has just moved into a new San Francisco apartment and she is already learning much more than she wants about her neighbour and his nocturnal activities. The wall between her apartment and his is very thin and she quickly realises that he as a steady stream of women visiting for loud, late night activities. Caroline, who is on a dating hiatus, finds it hard not to fantasise about herself and her charming neighbour. One night, when she has had enough, she goes and knocks on his door. This steamy and silly novel is by author Alice Clayton, written in 2012.

Naked By Raine Miller

Brynne Bennet is enjoying her life. She is an American student studying in London and works as a part-time photography model. Her life faces a new turn when a very successful business man named Ethan Blackstone, buys one of her nude portraits. He will do what it takes to get her in his bed and keep her. She has demons and Ethan is determined to free her from them. But will she let him in enough to help her? Written in 2010 by Raine Miller.



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