Supernatural Thriller Books You Have To Read

Enter the terrifying worlds created by these renowned authors as they take you on journeys that are full of supernatural beings that have their own agendas and secrets. Those who are unlucky enough to be mortal in situations where few will make it out alive.

 The Haunting of Hill House 

By Shirley Jackson

Four adventurers make their way to a place called Hill House. Dr. Montague, Theodora, Eleanor, and Luke. Each with their own motives and secrets. At first, their stay seems destined to be merely a spooky encounter with inexplicable phenomena. But things are only getting started, Hill House is just gathering its power and one of them will be chosen and the rest may not get out alive. Published in 1959 this book is by acclaimed author Shirley Jackson.

Odd Thomas

By Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas thinks of himself as an ordinary guy but he has a special talent or perhaps it is a curse, he communicates with the dead. He does his very best to help them when they come asking him for help and justice. He finds this justice by giving tips to the city’s police Chief Wyatt Porter so that he can solve crimes and even preventing some altogether. But now a strange man has come to town and catastrophes are breaking out. Written by Dean Koontz this book was published in 2003.

 Bad Girls Don’t Die 

By Katie Alender

Written by Katie Alender in 2009 this is the story of Alexis. She thinks of herself as a typically dysfunctional high school student dealing with things like her dysfunctional parents and younger sister. But when Alexis starts paying more attention to her younger sister Kasey, she begins to notice her odd behavior. Kasey is using old-fashioned language, can’t remember chunks of time and sometimes her blue eyes turn green. To make it worse the house is changing, doors are opening on their own and the unplugged air conditioner has made the house a freezer. Alexis must find a way to save her sister, but her sister might not be that girl anymore.

The Cypress House

By Michael Koryta

Arlen Can see death in the eyes of his fellow passengers on a train ride through Florida but only 19-year old Paul believes him. The two abandon the train to save themselves they make it to the Cypress House, run by the beautiful Rebecca, but a hurricane e in headed their way. Arlen begins to sense death again but Paul will not leave without Rebecca but they might not have much time. Written by Michael Koryta in 2011.

The Night Sister

By Jennifer McMahon

Written by Jennifer McMahon in 2015 this is the story of the Tower Motel. Amy, Piper, and Margot once played at the rundown old motel but the three of them found something that destroyed thief friendship. As adults sisters, Piper and Margot have tried to forget what they found. One night Margot calls Piper in a panic, Amy has been accused of a horrific crime. They all must think back on the horror of what they found. An old suitcase that belonged to Silvia Slater; Amy’s aunt. Amy had told them she had run away to Hollywood. A dark history about two sisters who each believed the other to be a monster but only one carried the secret that would haunt the family for generations to come.


About the Author

My name is Emerson Rose Craig. I am a creative writing student and aspiring novelist. I love fantasy, historical literature, sci-fi and classic literature but will read whatever I can get my hands on. I also write in all of these genres and more for inspiration does not limit itself and neither will I. If you ask me what my favorite book is I will not answer because picking a favorite book is, to me, like picking a favorite star.