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Interview With Activist, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Dystopian Romance Writer Tessa Clare

Hi, everyone! My name is Tessa Clare, and I’m an author, activist, entrepreneur, speaker, and Managing Director of a publishing business called Asset Creative House. I wrote a dystopian romance book about a forbidden love between a young activist and a government employee for a corrupt bureau, set in a world where the government must […]

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Interview With Michael Alexander Rice About His Dystopian Novel Celebrity Gulag

My pen name is M. A. Rice, which I had to choose in order not to be confused with Egyptologist Michael Rice or the once disgraced youth basketball coach of the same name. My debut novel, , is a noir thriller set against the dystopian backdrop of a near-future Britain, in which the internet has […]

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Book Review Antioch by Gregory Ness

Gregory Ness is a man with a brilliant mind! is uniquely rich with history, beauty, mythology, and science! This novel is simply breathtaking! Antioch, by Gregory Ness, contains a little something for everyone. You can find science, science fiction, mythology, romance, religion, philosophy, history, and psychology all wrapped into approximately four hundred and twenty-seven pages. At the end […]

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Author Interviews: Kelly St. Clare and The Retreat

Kelly St. Clare, a New Zealand author living in Australia. I write fantasy and science fiction novels for teens and above. Currently, I have two series out. is complete – a series about a young woman veiled from birth. And the first in my science fiction series, The After Trilogy, is now available – a […]

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How to Write About Tough Topics in Young Adult Fiction by Charlotte Young

Charlotte Young How to Write About Tough Topics in Young Adult Fiction

Guest post by BY There are plenty of tough topics to write about and the YA fiction shelves, whether wooden or virtual, are spilling over with stories about subjects such as suicide, rape, bullying, sexuality and mental illness, to name just a few of the hard-core, neon lights of ‘tough’. How to speak authentically about […]

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Writing Compelling Dystopian Fiction – One Author’s Opinion

Writing Compelling Dystopian Fiction One Authors Opinion

Guest Post by Britt Holewinski I began writing my first “young adult, dystopian” novel in 1995, before the genre was the commercial giant it is today and when “dystopian” brought to mind to George Orwell’s 1984 and other frightening classics. I was in high school, and having just read Lord of the Flies, I began imagining […]

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Author Interviews: Britt Holewinski and Schism

Britt Holewinski and Schism Author Interviews

Hello! My name is Britt Holewinski, and I’m a writer of young-adult, dystopian fiction. I just finished my first book, Schism, and I’m now working on the next book in the series, entitled Ravin. Writing has been a keen hobby of mine while working full-time in Washington DC for fourteen years, but this past February, […]

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