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Interview With Paranormal, Fantasy and Contemporary Romance Writer Laura Greenwood

Hi, I’m Laura, I’m the author of several books including paranormal, fantasy and contemporary romances. I grew up in Yorkshire (northern England) but now live in Staffordshire (it’s in the middle!) and love living in the country. When I’m not writing I love to read a wide range of genre, as well as cook and […]

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Author Interview with Epic Fantasy Writer Kim Alexander

Hi! I’m Kim Alexander, I live in Washington DC, and I write epic fantasy. My series is called  and books one and two:  and , are both available. Connect with me via my website Kim Alexander Online, Facebook, Twitter and my Kim’s Amazon page. When and why did you start writing? I’ve been writing my whole life! I remember writing […]

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Book Excerpt: What Lies Beneath by Laura Greenwood

“What are you doing up here? Not avoiding me are you?” He asked smiling slightly. I sighed, even though he was partly right there was no way I could avoid him now.  “I’m trying to work out the steps for Masquerade. I know how it’s supposed to look in my head but in reality…” I trailed […]

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Author Interviews: Freya Pickard and The Rusalka Ritual

I’m Freya Pickard, a cancer survivor, and author. I write in what is usually called the Fantasy Genre. I prefer to be known as a Speculative fiction and poetry writer! I have, to date, published 5 books. I have two novels, , and . The former is a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek romp through an Arthurian Otherworld. […]

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Author Interviews: C. J. Archer and The Mapmakers Apprentice

C.J. Archer, for those who don’t know you, introduce yourself, your writing and books Thanks for having me on your blog. I’m an Australian author of historical fantasy novels set in late Victorian England. I love to write stories with magical twists, mysterious heroes, and clever heroines. You can connect with me Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest […]

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Author Interviews: Ksenia Anske and Irkadura

Ksenia Anske, for those who don’t know you, introduce yourself, your writing and books. I’m pathologically immature. I’m 5. I’m playing around. People call it writing and call me a writer, but I’m just being a kid again, playing a hero and slaying dragons. It’s glorious. You can connect with me through my website, Facebook, […]

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Book Excerpt: What About Her by TNae Wilcox

TNae Wilcox The Missing Loved Ones: A Short Story Collection

There  was  talk  of  home  invasions  again. Another  family  was  taken  from  Akron,  Ohio. I  stood  and  tried  to  listen  to  the  report  as best  as  I  could  with  all  the  noise:  little  Suzy yelling  at  the  dog,  the  loud  squeak  of  Mama’s rocking  chair,  and  Rhonda’s  ridiculous phone  chatter. The  family  that  was  abducted […]

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Author Interviews: Candy Atkins and The Lost Knight

Author Interviews Candy Atkins

My name is Candy Atkins. I’m the author of The Lost Knight, a YA fantasy fiction novel about a 13-year-old girl who is asked to save the world but is completely unqualified. Connect with me on my website, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Youtube. Have you always wanted to be a writer? No. I was an operations […]

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Video Author Interviews: Suzanna J. Linton and Clara’s Return (Stories of Lorst Book 2)

Suzanna J. Linton and Clara's Return Stories of Lorst Book 2 Author Interviews

Author interview with Fantasy Author, Suzanna J. Linton, where we talk about her writing process, books, why she writes and some handy tips to aspiring authors. Suzanna grew up in rural South Carolina (really rural) and survived on her mother’s library, local ghost stories, and the tall tales her father spun for his children’s amusement. […]

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Interview with Indie Author Ricky Baxter

Ricky Lee Baxter, introduce yourself, your writing style and books to our readers My name is Ricky Lee Baxter. I am a self-published author, born and raised in London, England. I am a fictional story writer, who enjoys worlds and characters vastly different from our own, yet with a solid theme, rooted in real world […]

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Author interview with Dylan Saccoccio

Dylan Saccoccio, introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a bit about yourself I don’t like referring to myself in the third person or trying to bullshit my audience as though these details came through my publicist or some other source. I grew up all over New England then moved to NYC. I stayed […]

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