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Book Excerpt (First Line of Defence) from Threads of The War by Jeremy Strozer

First Line of Defense “Go left… toward the water!” Erich screams out. The steering wheel lurches, first to the left, then to the right, and then back to the left as our little Kubelwagen (bucket car) bounces and bumps over the sandy beach at over 40 kilometers per hour. “Ok, ok,” I reply, knowing that […]

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Interview With Jeremy Strozer, Author of the Threads of The War Series

I’m Jeremy Strozer, author of the  series. My work focuses on first-person historical flash-fiction of what I call The 20th Century’s War. What this means is the period from 1898 to the present, which I consider one enduring conflict with tangents shooting off in multiple directions toward conflicts we are fighting to this day. What […]

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Building a Self-Publishing Business with Your Spouse

Guest Post By Jeremy Strozer How many authors are also good at business development? Let’s be honest: we didn’t get into writing so we could build a company. We write because it’s something we love or we have a message we’re trying to proliferate to the world. Few of us want to spend the time […]

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