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Author Interviews: Kwame Opeyo and Plexi: Adversity

Kwame Opeyo, author of Young Adult fantasy books you can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and his website – mageterminus.com When and why did you start writing? I started writing around 2008, but have only recently self-published. As it turns out, the last book I wrote is the first one I decided to publish. I […]

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Book Excerpt of Plexi: Adversity by Kwame Opeyo

One Battle Lines Olena Darsus screamed like an animal being flayed alive. Beside her in bed, her husband Prenius was being torn apart by a sharp-clawed golem as if he were a child’s play thing. Blood splattered the sheets and the side of her face as Prenius’ flesh was torn from its bone and scattered […]

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