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Book Review: What Lies Beneath the Mask by Laura Greenwood

Prepare to feel love, loss, terror, and ultimately be swept off your feet in this hauntingly romantic novel! , by Laura Greenwood, is a truly captivating story.  There is a profound sense of realism webbed throughout the plot and within the trauma the main protagonist Annabelle endures. The parallel between Annabelle’s love interests and her […]

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Interview With Paranormal, Fantasy and Contemporary Romance Writer Laura Greenwood

Hi, I’m Laura, I’m the author of several books including paranormal, fantasy and contemporary romances. I grew up in Yorkshire (northern England) but now live in Staffordshire (it’s in the middle!) and love living in the country. When I’m not writing I love to read a wide range of genre, as well as cook and […]

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Book Excerpt: What Lies Beneath by Laura Greenwood

“What are you doing up here? Not avoiding me are you?” He asked smiling slightly. I sighed, even though he was partly right there was no way I could avoid him now.  “I’m trying to work out the steps for Masquerade. I know how it’s supposed to look in my head but in reality…” I trailed […]

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