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Book Excerpt: Paranormal Painless by Shannon Rieger

CHAPTER ONE  Dip Our Heads in the Deep Blue Sea  A delusive feeling of reprieve settled deeply as I slept within the confines of my warm sheets. When the bong from my antique grandfather clock warned of the commencement of the witching hour, I was woken by an icy voice in my ear, a cool breath […]

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5 Tips for Writing Mystery and Suspense by Tony Lee Moral

Having written three books on the film director Alfred Hitchcock, the famed Master of Suspense, I specialise in mystery and suspense writing. I used his principles when writing my new novel , set in Monterey Bay, California. Nearly all stories do well with suspense, no matter the genre. Suspense has largely to do with the […]

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Interview with YA Mystery Author Rebecca Howie

I’m, Rebecca Howie, a nineteen-year-old from Scotland, and I’ve been writing for fun since I was about seven or eight. Reading and writing have always been important to me, so it made sense that when the restaurant I worked in closed I turned to writing, and I self-published my first book in February last year. […]

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Author Interviews: Steven Hague and The Beholder

Steven Hague, author of US crime fiction and gritty-crime novels. My lifelong dream was to become an author, so when I got a publishing deal I was over the moon. I like everything from early Elvis right through to the Foo Fighters. I’m 44 years old, and I live in Norwich, England with my wife Lisa, where we’re eagerly […]

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Author Interviews: Berneta L. Haynes and Landrien Moriset

An author, editor, attorney, public policy expert and versatile creative, Berneta L. Haynes wears many hats. Besides unpublished stories and novels, she has written articles for Inside Higher Education, NPO.IO, and published a short story in The Bangalore Review. Last December, Berneta published her first novel, , a mystery story about a woman who discovers some interesting […]

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Author Interviews: O’Neil De Noux and Hold Me, Babe

O’Neil De Noux,  I write in multiple genres with 33 books published and 350 short story sales.  My mysteries have won the SHAMUS and DERRINGER Awards and my novel JOHN RAVEN BEAU was the 2011 Police Book of the Year (Police-Writers.com). My mysteries include the Dino LaStanza Series, John Raven Beau Series, Lucien Caye Series […]

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Author Interviews: Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar and The Migrant Report

Author Interviews Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar and The Migrant Report

Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar, for those who don’t know you, introduce yourself, your writing and your books I’m a mother, professor, and writer who lives in Doha, Qatar, our home for the last ten years. My books range from romance to memoir but most recently have been steeped in starting a crime fiction series. Connect with me […]

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Book Excerpt: The Migrant Report By Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar

Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar The Migrant Report

Chapter Three Manu knelt, bowing his head to his mother’s feet for what might be the last time, the bluish-green veins on the back of her hand trembling under his lips as if the pulse of life inside her were buoyed by his. If this were a Bollywood movie, he forced himself to think of […]

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Author Interviews: Timothy Hallinan and King Maybe (A Junior Bender Mystery)

Author Interviews Timothy Hallinan

Timothy Hallinan, for those who don’t know you, introduce yourself, your writing and your books Well, I started writing under my own name in the 1990s after turning out six or seven novels under different names on a work-for-hire basis. In 1990 I wrote a mystery called The Four Last Things under my own name, […]

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Author Interviews: Kristina Rienzi and Winter Road – A Suspense Thriller

Author Interviews Kristina Rienzi

here! I’m a Jersey Shore girl with a dark mind and a passion for wine. I’ve been scaring myself since elementary school when I started writing short stories most kids my age wouldn’t have been allowed to read. I’m still enamored with the dark side of life, only now I’m exploring it in the gritty […]

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Author Interviews: Killarney Traynor and the Summer Shadows

Killarney Traynor, an author by night and pilgrimage worker by day. I live in southern New Hampshire, about an hour north of Boston. I work at a pilgrimage agency by day and write novels by night. Kind of like a superhero, if superheroes were short brunettes who liked to hide in bookshops with enormous cups […]

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Author Interviews: Stavros Halvatzis and The Land Below

Author Interview Stavros Halvatzis

Stavros Halvatzis, a Self-publishing, character development and post-apocalyptic mysteries returns for a second interview to update us on his latest post-apocalyptic mystery, The Land Below. Tell us about your latest book The Land Below is the first in an on-going series of post-apocalyptic novels concerning the fate of Paulie and his friend, Anthea, who lead a band of young […]

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Author Interviews: Lisa Regan and Finding Claire Fletcher

Lisa Reigan, author of three crime novels. She wrote Finding Claire Fletcher, Aberration and Hold Still. The first two books are published by a small press called Sapphire Star Publishing and the third novel is published by Thomas & Mercer. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my husband and daughter. I work full time as a […]

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Author Interviews: Paul Levine and Bum Rap

Paul Levine, a crime novel writer. He is the author of the newly published Bum Rap featuring Jake Lassiter, a former professional football player turned Miami trial lawyer.  He’s defending a fellow lawyer on murder charges….and falling for his client’s girlfriend in the process.  It’s my 19th novel.  You can read more on my Website. Do […]

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Author interview with Greg Barron

Greg Barron Author

My name is Greg Barron, I’ve got three novels and a short story out with HarperCollins. All my published works are international thrillers based on recent events. I’m an ordinary guy in my forties who likes to travel and find out about things. I’m a news junkie and enjoy outdoor pursuits such as boating and […]

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