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Author Interviews: Kwame Opeyo and Plexi: Adversity

Kwame Opeyo, author of Young Adult fantasy books you can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and his website – mageterminus.com When and why did you start writing? I started writing around 2008, but have only recently self-published. As it turns out, the last book I wrote is the first one I decided to publish. I […]

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Book Excerpt of Plexi: Adversity by Kwame Opeyo

One Battle Lines Olena Darsus screamed like an animal being flayed alive. Beside her in bed, her husband Prenius was being torn apart by a sharp-clawed golem as if he were a child’s play thing. Blood splattered the sheets and the side of her face as Prenius’ flesh was torn from its bone and scattered […]

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Interview with Indie Romance Author D. Alyce Domain

My name is D. Alyce Domain.  I’m an Indie Author writing in the romance genre.  I have two currently available books: (Gothic paranormal romance) and (Contemporary Romance).  I’m also a book blogger, offering honest reviews, free advice, promotional book swag, and some paid professional services through my blog.  I also own and operate an online […]

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Book Excerpt: Dominic’s Nemesis by D. Alyce Domain

Prologue Italy (1800s) He lay on the pit floor, limbs stiff from lack of movement. The crawl space no longer accommodated his length. With no light to guide him, he planned each movement to avoid scraping against the granite. First, he shuffled his legs, then rolled his shoulders to bring back the circulation. His skin […]

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Author Interviews: Glenn Fain and The Woman of my Dreams

Glenn Fain, writer of all unconventional and combination of genres The first book I published was “”, back in 2014. Then I published “” in early 2016, and “” last month. Not much to say about myself personally; I feel if anyone wants to know me, everything that is me is in my books. They are all unconventional, all […]

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Author Interviews: K.K. Watson and Tempting Fate

K.K. Watson Author Interviews

I’m K. K. Watson.  I am an independent author who three and a half years ago began writing my first book, . Tempting Fate is a Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance novel which is the first in the series The Dark Races.  It was released in May of 2015.  The second book in the series, Chasing Fate, was released […]

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