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Book Excerpt: By the Hands of Men, Book Three: The Wrath of a Righteous Man by Roy Griffis

It was another sailor who was able to help them locate Nikolai.  The tar was a sunburned fellow with strongly muscled forearms on which danced inked images of mermaids, dolphins, and sailing ships.  He was using a metal tool to chip paint from a bulkhead, a task he readily put aside when approached by Charlotte. […]

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Book Excerpt: By the Hands of Men, Book Two: Into the Flames by Roy Griffis

Beginning the Great Game Robert Fitzgerald sat gazing out the window of his second-floor room at the Oxford and Cambridge University Club on Pall Mall.  He was playing a game of sorts, hoping he might see someone.   He was looking for a girl.   In the afternoon’s growing twilight, pedestrians hurried along the walk […]

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Book Excerpt: By the Hands of Men, Book One: The Old World by Roy Griffis

The Casualty Clearing Station The new girl was peering about the tent when Charlotte and Kathleen stumbled in at the end of their shift that July day in 1917. The work itself was exhausting – twelve hours of standing, bending, folding, feeding, bandaging, debriding, cleaning, and sterilizing;  only to repeat it all again. Add to […]

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Author Interviews: Roy Madison Griffis and his By The Hands of Men

Roy Griffis Author Interviews

Roy Madison Griffis. Roy for my mom’s father. Madison from my dad’s father.  He’s written plays, poetry, short stories, and screenplays. He was born in deep south, and his birth name was Marion Madison Griffis, but my own father had an inkling such a name might cause me trouble in the growing-up-and-surviving department, so he opted for […]

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