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Author Interviews: S.E. Cyborski and Gnotret – The Accidental Heroes Chronicles Book 1

I am S.E. Cyborski and my first series is . It’s a story about ordinary people put in an extraordinary situation and given extraordinary abilities, how they choose to deal with those abilities, and where they go now. I love to read and have since I was young. I love science fiction and fantasy and […]

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Book Excerpt: A Character in Reality by Nicholas Bridgman

“So this time try doing Tree,” the narrator said, Robert having rejoined him the next evening in reality in his attic.  “Start in Mountain pose, then bend your right knee, bringing your foot to your inner thigh.” “What does this pose do?” “It improves concentration and balance.  Now let’s wrap up with Corpse pose.” “What’s […]

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Author Interviews: Nicholas Bridgman and A Character in Reality

Nicholas Bridgman, I am an author, musician, and environmental scientist.   I have a B.A. in Rhetoric from U.C. Berkeley, and I have written over 50 short stories and a novel.You can connect with me through my website and my Facebook author page. What inspires your writing? Almost anything can inspire my writing.  Often my ideas […]

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