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Author Interview with Christopher C. Meeker

My name is Christopher C. Meeker and I’m the author of  as well as the author of a number of other works, short stories, and articles on writing. I started writing at a fairly early age and continued until my teen years. Life intervened and I stopped writing for quite sometime I then returned to […]

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Book Excerpt: Hawthorne: Chronicles of the Brass Hand by Christopher C. Meeker

“…intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us.” — H.G. Wells, The War of the Worlds Prologue They think me mad and perhaps well so, for at times I believe myself quite mad and would accept with impassivity, had I not recorded in […]

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Author Interviews: Bec McMaster on Writing London Steampunk and Mission: Improper

Bec McMaster Author Interviews

Hi, my name is Bec McMaster. I hail from a small country town in Victoria, Australia, and am obsessed with travel. One day I vow to see the whole world, whether it is by plane, paper, or imagination. I write paranormal and steampunk romance, including the award-winning London Steampunk series, which was nominated for RT Reviews Best Steampunk Romance […]

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Author Interviews: Gail Carriger and Writing Comedic Steampunk mixed with Urban Fantasy

Author Interviews Gail Carriger

My name is Gail Carriger and I write comedic steampunk mixed with urban fantasy. My books include the Parasol Protectorate and Custard Protocol series for adults, and the Finishing School series for young adults. If you want monthly updates on my latest news and upcoming events? Sign up for my Newsletter You can also connect with […]

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Author Interviews: Shelley Adina and Fields of Air: A Steampunk Adventure Novel

Author Interviews Shelley Adina

I’m Shelley Adina, a transplanted Canadian now in Silicon Valley, CA, where I live with my husband and a flock of 11 rescued chickens. I’m a member of the adjunct faculty of the MFA in Writing Popular Fiction program at Seton Hill University, a low-residency program in Pennsylvania. And I’m the author of the (so […]

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Author Interviews: A.W. Exley and Ella, The Slayer, A Edwardian Cinderella Retelling

Author Interviews A.W. Exley

I’m Anita – or AW, as I go by my initials. I’m an author living in rural New Zealand. I started off writing steampunk novels and have a series called THE ARTIFACT HUNTERS about the hunt for dangerous paranormal items. I’m now sliding ever so slightly sideways into more fantasy historical with ELLA, THE SLAYER, […]

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Author Interviews: James P Blaylock , Multi-Award Winning Author and Steampunk Lengend

Author Interviews James P Blaylock

James P Blaylock , for those who don’t know you, introduce yourself and your writing to our readers. Hello to everyone:  I published my first short story, “Red Planet,” in Unearth Magazine back in 1976, and since then I’ve published 25 books: both novels and collections of stories.  Most of them have been contemporary fantasies, but […]

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